Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Week on the Warlock Forums

Ahhh, Sunday. The day to relax, sleep in, take a long shower, walk around the house in your boxers (or panties if that's your kind of thing), play a little WoW, and catch up on all the good-non-sense that's going down on the Warlock forums.

This week, we get a little fashion advice from Zentel on Cho'gall. He points Affliction Warlocks to a t-shirt he found on the Buckle-B website, pictured to the right. Now, I'm all for fashion advice and tips on what's hawt, and this little number may appeal to some of you Warlocks out there, but you wouldn't catch me in this, not even on my worst days. And zomg, for almost 50 bucks, you can do so much better! Zentel, I hope your 'locking is better than your fashion sense, bud!

Moving on... Ceallac on Arygos asks how Warlocks can make their pets tell jokes. Yup, with all of the nerf talk we get and the important changes to Resilience that are upcoming in the next patch, Ceallac just wants to hear his pets tell jokes. Hmm, and some 'locks wonder why people think we're spoiled...

Next, we have Ishamael from Detheroc asking a question that has been asked since the dawn of the 41-pt talent tree: UA vs. Ruin? Well, Ish, I've specced both 41/0/20 and 40/0/21, and I can tell you this. UA is great for instances where there are off-tanked mobs and what not, but that's where it stops. If a Warlock specced for Ruin has 2 Shadow Bolts crit within 18 seconds, he has out-dps'd his UA counterpart, assuming both are near 1000 damage. Why is this the case, when most damage calculators put UA over Ruin? BECAUSE THEY DON'T TAKE INTO ACCOUNT EXTRA CRIT DAMAGE DURING THE IMPROVED SHADOWBOLT BUFF, NOR DO THEY CONSIDER NIGHTFALL PROC CRITS. There's your answer.

Then we have an embarrassing moment for "old school Warlock" Pzykotic of Llane, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with his name. Pzy asks "old school 'locks" like himself: "with the countless nerfs we have received, what improvements can you think of?" When someone says "Conflag," Pzy answers "when was Conflag buffed?" Old school indeed.

Finally, we have a Lvl 13 Mage named Slayn on Laughing Skull, who asks that Warlocks get nerfed so he can get to treasure chests. Sorry Slayn. If you want booty, roll a Warlock. We get all the booty. It's that simple.

See ya'll on the forums next week. ;)


Six tha' seven tha' Hustle said...

i've worn panties before...but my yambags spill out from the looks and feels gross.

Zyphre said...

I had a dream about playing my rogue through another rank 14 grind @_@ horrible.

You still couldn't kill my rogue either...

Did they make warlocks able to defend themselves against (good) rogues in pvp yet?

Jay said...

zy: pvp trinket can break a stun. a good lock stands a chance with that alone.

i dunno... felguards, when used right, in pvp... are pocket warriors. kinda easymode against rogues since they can stun targets and such.

We are still cloth wearers, though. Sooo yeah. lol.

Anonymous said...

rogues should kill warlocks almost all the time trinket or no trinket

JAGOeX said...

Yeah, Rogues still have the upper hand, but I don't know about them winning "almost all of the time" these days.