Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Title, New Approach

So, the other day, when I first brought up the title of the blog, I realized that if anyone who didn't know me or that didn't play WoW on Alexstrasza were to visit this site, that they would be very put off by the prospect of reading about my "private parts." I decided it needed to change, and after much thought, the new title is "Warlock Therapy." Good enough, yeah? Not too scary, and maybe even a little inviting? I mean, if I read that, I'd be like "wth does that mean... /reads more." Hopefully it'll lead others to do the same. =)

Oh, and with the new title I think I'm going to take a slightly new approach to the whole posting thing. Instead of being uber personal to Alex, I think more general topics would be more appealing. I mean, who the hell wants to read about drama on a specific server, and a crappy one at that? Not many, is my guess.

So there ya have it. And before I forget, I need a new subtitle. Get to thinking and commenting pls. Thanks a bunch. =)


Jay said...

First off, non-personal posts are ftw. I suggested those long ago and you shrugged me off, noob.

And... the new title is fitting for you. But still may not make sense to others. Kinda makes you think the blog will be about how emo locks are.

No subtitle suggestions yet. Must go get 58.<3

Zyphre said...

Warlock Therapy:
When Deathcoil is down, the couch is waiting.
Re-corrupting your mind.
When agony just isn't enough.
Sharding your soul

I have had vodka again.

JAGOeX said...

Hmm. I like that direction, Zy. "Corruption, Improved" maybe?