Monday, July 2, 2007

Immediate Reaction

So, I just got in from my new job a bit ago, and just to let ya know how things went on my first day as a prof, I'm sitting at my desk right now with two bottles of Ginger Beer and a metro sandwich of some sort (piadini?). I had to just veg a little after the chaos of being in a lecture hall. My god. The other side of the classroom is truly a scary position indeed.

During the first class of the day, I introduced myself, had to explain my age and background, twice, and somehow got started on the topic of World of Warcraft (shocker, I know). There was an immediate reaction.

The jocks, punk-rockers, philosophy-wannabes, and hot girls all looked at me like I was a weird-ass (the kind of look I used to give... wtf). The Asians became totally interested in what I had to say all of a sudden, as if I couldn't teach them anything before but was now (all of a sudden) a source of enlightenment. Some tech geeks started rolling their eyes (stupid Alliance players fo' sho') while others grined menacingly (for the Horde), and the older people in the room must have thought I was talking about real witchcraft or something because they looked both confused and incredibly frightened at the same time.

Of course, I was there to talk about Psychology, not WoW, but the connection between the two are easy and we ended my introduction to the class talking about addictions, behavior modification, and classic reinforcement, punishment, etc. A connection was made, and it ended up working out very well. But oh my damn the pressure... question after question after question, and man was it tiring.

Glad that the first day is done and I can prep for the familiar instead of the unknown. But tonight, Glitz hits 62. I can feel it. ;)


Zyphre said...


Jay said...

You fail as a teacher.

WoW in the classroom. I'm sure that's going to stick with you forever now. Remember your last job? Yeah. =p

And... fuck you. Alliance ftw <3

JAGOeX said...

lol. I can't wait to kick your gnome's ass. ;)

The last time I brought up WoW in the classroom was with little kids that were having their behaviors modified. Hopefully college students react a bit differently, especially because I'm in a completely different, much more enjoyable role. =)

Jay said...


A lot of college students are still mentally the age of a 15 year old. >.>

EvilCheeseWedge said...

I've only had WoW come up in class once, but it wasn't from a teacher. My first class on the first day of fall semester last year, the teacher was like, "Wow are half the people not here?" And some kid was like, "Meh, you can't expect everybody to stop playing World of Warcraft and come to class." The class had a good laugh over that one heheh.