Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Not Worth It

Logging into Alexstrasza Horde-side is like walking into a severely under-active pool hall, and while there are a few people playing there, they can't break for shit, and lord knows they can never pull off a combo. I logged into the realm today and saw the absence of activity everywhere I looked. /who Karazhan. 1 guild run. /who Gruul's. Nobody. I slash-who'd a number of other places only to find a fraction of what would be found on healthy servers. Hell, even RA seems to have lost a great deal of it's steam lately. The other day, I noticed Crusher and Raeka in Shadowmoon Valley together, sans any other member of RA. Might have something to do with it? History says "yes," but I digress.

While this may sound strange, Alex's inactivity has been rather refreshing lately. There's no pressure to login, no stress when I D/C, no problem when I can't make a raid etc. In all reality, it makes enjoying the game much easier for me, and I dig that. I can't imagine feeling like I HAVE TO login again. That was such a terrible feeling, and if I transferred off of this server, that's probably how I would find myself feeling again. That is why I chose to stay vs. hitting up end-game in the big time. It's just not worth it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon with my toon. I'm happy how things are going now and want to continue enjoying the game for what it is (a game) and not for what it shouldn't be (a job). So, yeah, maybe I'll be missing out on some great content and gear, but I'd rather play pool on my terms than on someone else's. It's just better that way.



Jay said...

hey noob,
no one MAKES you log in for a raid.
that's why there is such a thing as casually playing.
some guilds succeed at being a casual but progressive raiding guild... its called raiding three nights a week and getting shit done each night...
so dont make it sound like its such a bad thing to be a hardcore raider. gosh. =p

it's a game. it is ALWAYS a choice. it's all in your head whether or not you think you HAVE to log in.

JAGOeX said...

True, but then there's the always fun "well if I don't login, I get punished for it in one way or another" perspective. So even if one does make the choice, it usually ends up not being an enjoyable experience.

But yeah, mostly, it's a personal experience.

Fuzzywuzzy said...

It's not so bad to have such a...casual environment. Sure, it stifles progress. But I think an MMORPG is more about the people you're playing with, not the actual game itself. If you can enjoy the folks, then what you do while you're on doesn't matter so much.

So says the guy who hangs out on top of the little island in Nagrand enjoying the view. Hmm.

Zyphre said...

want new content? go to youtube ;)

Gorganis said...

We cleared Gruul's on Tuesday as it seems to be the only day of the week where we consistently have a good number of people online. I assume it has something to do with the onset of summer, as numerous other guilds (Alliance included) are having similar attendance issues. People on vacation, people starting summer jobs, etc. It's tempting to go on a recruiting spree but then the house might suddenly get crowded again once everyone comes back. It's a difficult balance.