Friday, July 6, 2007


I was very sure that my internet connection had stabilized after I had spent hours on the phone with tech support yesterday. We did a few tweaks on both ends and boom, I was up and running and didn't drop once. Earlier today, however, and during a most un-opportunistic time, my connection failed, and I was back to D/C'ing again.

To Scorn/Deathcrawl and the other members of RA that were in the Heroic Mech run, I totally apologize for the disconnects. I should have warned you guys after the first one, and lord knows I tried to login again after the second one to let you guys know to find a replacement, but it was to no avail. Again, my apologies, and I hope you were all able to finish your run.

I am still unable to access my own connection at this moment and am back to leeching from a neighbor. Sooo frustrated at this point. FIOS can't come soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

no sweat dood, figured it was something legit :p