Sunday, September 30, 2007

New PvP Changes Incoming

We're not even a week into the new 2.2 Patch (and the not-so-wonderful experiences we're having with it), and already there's talk of what we'll be seeing come Patch 2.3. Brilliant, imho. But at least the talk gives me something to read when Patch 2.2 KICKS ME OFF WoW!


One big change that we'll be seeing is the more player-centric PvP rating system. It involves rating players individually to go along with their team rating, and will be the deciding factor which allows or disallows players to purchase specific Season 3 items.

This change is a VERY good thing. I remember the days of PvP-old when missing a moment of the Rank 14 Honor Grind would completely derail your progression. While the current Arena Point system isn't quite that bad, your progress or rating can still suffer by means that are not in your own control. Essentially, people are being punished for something they didn't do, not something they did poorly. Thank goodness that's going to change. Thank you, Arena Point Sellers.

As for some of the details, you can read about them for yourself. I've got Honor to grind, and Battlegrounds to get disconnected from.

Enjoy your evening.

Bliz, Where's Our Hotfix?

So far, we've seen a number of minor issues with the recent 2.2 Patch. I've brushed them aside for the most part, being that individually, they don't make for much of a problem with the gaming experience, or at least they didn't at the beginning. But taken together and over time, however, it's becoming more and more apparent that Bliz needs to step up to the plate and provide a solution asap.

Here's a short list of what people are experiencing so far:

- Sound Issues
- Raid UI Issues
- Disconnects when loading between Battlegrounds
- Multiple quests broken
- Conflag removes ALL Immolates on target
- Some Talents not WAI
- Some CCs have not been reduced to 10 sec in PvP
- The Kael'thas event is bugged

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Normally, I'd just play through it all, but the consistent disconnects have become quite bothersome. And the numbers of issues are difficult to ignore as well.

C'mon Bliz. Hotfix ftw.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burning No More

Patch 2.2 has been live for a few days already, and for the most part, it seems to be working well. However, that doesn't mean there aren't a few hiccups in the system, and unfortunately, Warlocks bear the brunt of one of them.

Warlocks are reporting that their Conflagrates, or those of their teammates, aren't just removing their own Immolate spells, but ALL Immolates on the target. One can see the issues that could crop up in raids and what not, but this behavior can also create problems in the Battlegrounds too. What a mess.

Hopefully Bliz gets around to hot-fixing this and the sound and disconnect issues asap. I'd hate to think we'd have to wait for 2.3 before seeing (and hearing) things change.

So c'mon Bliz. Give a damn. Get moving.

The Hybrid Cometh

What do you get when you cross a Warlock with a Shadow Priest? I'm not exactly sure, but it's bound to have a crap-ton of DPS. And I mean that almost literally -- doo doos per second, if you will. =)

My wife and I found out yesterday morning that we're pregnant with out first child. It's a very surreal moment in our lives to say the least, and we're both very excited and look very much forward to parenthood.

With that said, we're also wondering how having a child will affect free aspects of our daily lives, which we've come to enjoy, needless to say. "Together" time, hobbies, being able to just pick up and go wherever we wanted on a whim, and World of Warcraft, for example. I mean, raising a child is basically a full-time job in it's own right, especially during the early years, so what will become of our time and how we currently choose to spend it?

Obviously, I can't say for sure, but I'd like to think that raising a child doesn't mean we must totally neglect our own individual preferences. From what I've learned within the trade of Child Development, raising a child and having "personal" time are not mutually exclusive. They compete with one another, sure, but with planning, they don't have to replace one another.

Even still, I don't see many new parents out and about with their young. I don't see many at the movies (thank goodness), at restaurants (thank goodness), or even at the local park. Infact, I don't know many new parents that get out much at all for that matter, and I definitely don't know of many that play WoW.

It'll be interesting to see, first-hand, just how this experience will change my play habits, and my daily routine in general. I'm confident I'll still have my way, but there's always that shade of a doubt. Afterall, they call this a "life changing event" for a reason.

Time to budget some diapers. I wonder if they make them with Resilience?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More PvP Fixers PLS

Here's something else about the PvP system that I'm sure many of you will agree is pointless and annoying as hell:

Yes, I'm talking about a Mailbox filled to the brim with marks you cannot put in your bags to transfer to your bank because you already have 100 of them lying around some place. Is this mechanism the best Bliz could come up with?

If it (the mark cap of 100) really necessary, all I ask is that Bliz pls clean things up a bit. You've become the dirty dorm room bunk mate that leaves his shit all over my stuff... and toenail clippings near my food.

I mean wtf. Clean up after yourself will ya?

A New Sound

So the new patch is FINALLY out like a drag queen at Mardi Gras, and I just logged in a short while ago to check it out its hawt, Live server action. The first thing I noticed didn't fill me with hope, however, as I was introduced to an oddity within the sound -- specifically, the way the surround channels were behaving. For example, I'd cast Fel Armor while leaving my toon at a stand-still, but the cast sounded like it was coming from behind me. I cast it again and moved backwards, and the sound behaved as if I had moved INTO the cast, getting much louder back to front. Odd.

Apparently, I'm not the only one experiencing the sound problems. There are already a number of threads (like this one) that detail the sound issues players are experiencing. I guess Bliz introduced a new way of working with Sound in this new patch, and as a result, messed up something fierce in the process. So it doesn't look like messing w/ the game or OS sound options will help matters -- it'll require a hot-fix at best. Bummer. =(

Not all is lost, however.

I did manage to ignore the very annoying sound issues long enough to get in a game of AV. And if my first experience is going to be the norm...

...all I can say is "GG."

There were VERY few AFKers in the cave, and the Horde pretty much steamrolled the Alliance to a 22-min, very impressive win. And by the looks of it, it's a trend that seems to be resonating elsewhere. So hopefully it won't go out of style anytime soon. =)

All in all, it seems to be a pretty successful patch day, but here's to hearing something good out of Bliz about the sound issues.


Incoming Crazy

The patch is out TODAY, so hopefully we'll be seeing much less AV-ruining behavior in the coming week:

But I've got to wonder how affective the AFK mechanism will actually be at curbing honor leeches. If I'm not mistaken, a player that is reported x number of times will gain a debuff that prevents them from receiving honor until they enter combat. Great. But how hard is it to run out of the cave and kill a wolf or goat? Did Bliz take this into account and plan for it?

And what about players that go "off-site" to AFK? Will other players even notice them? Will they even get reported? Sitting in one of the mines or even planting oneself as "defense" at a base would be pretty good camouflage imho, so those guys would get away scotch free.

I dunno. Maybe I'm being too critical about a system that hasn't even been tested on the Live realms yet, but there are definitely many questions that remain even after extensive review on the PTR.

Hopefully we'll have those answers soon enough, and maybe then, we can actually experience a legit Alterac Valley.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Pointing Finger

There's a good post over at Jade's that provides a great example of the frustration end-game WoW players can experience when their guildies don't give it their all. The post comes on the heals of a different thread published on the Alexstrasza forums, which covers similar frustrations, but points the finger of fault at other guilds and players instead of one's own.

Who is to blame when a guild's progression becomes a problem? As for my opinion, I think I make it fairly obvious at both locals. So if you're really interested (and you damn well should be!), read both and find out. =)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Drinking More FTW

I recently added a link to the sidebar directing to the Elitist Jerks Forums, incase you hadn't noticed. It is organized excellently and full of great information for all classes. Upon looking through their threads, I happened upon this little gem, applicable to pretty much every Arena team with a mana-dependent player:

Arena Drinking Exploit

As it should work: When a pet attacks a drinking player, that player is forced to stand up after being put into combat, thus stopping the drinking.

The exploit: If the water drinking character spams a /sit macro repeatedly while being attacked by a pet even though they will be put into combat they continue to drink because the /sit macro overwrites the default /stand behavior that is supposed to occur once they are put in combat.

What this means is in any arena where the healer can get out of combat long enough to start to drink (easy for druid healers) they can begin their drinking and finish it all the way even if a pet is attacking them.

So it stands with the obvious exploit, getting out of combat to drink pretty much guarantees you a full helping of mana regen. Not a bad deal, but the flipside is that if you get hit with melee attacks while spamming the /sit macro, you'll be getting crit with each passing blow. Ouch. So use with caution.

Hit the Elitist Jerks Forums for much more goodness. Enjoy. =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Answers of All Answers

Pay a visit to the Warlock Forums, and you'll notice that its discussions rage back and forth about 'lock topics that have been covered since the dawn of time. "How does one beat a Rogue? What spec is best for X Instance? What class makes the best partner for the Arenas?" And so on. While these questions have been answered numerous times, the number and variety of responses have left most topics unsettled, resulting in the question-answer-question cycle we're so used to seeing.

Well, I for one am sick of it. Time to get a little more concrete. ;)

In the next few weeks, check back for some interviews with some of the biggest names in Warlocking. I don't want to spoil the surprise now, but trust me when I say you won't be disappointed and will be left wondering "Jagoex, how in the hell did you pull that off?"

I'll never tell. ;)

Updates soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tourney of the Succi: Round 1

We've all fantasized about them; what it'd be like to have one at our beck and call IRL. So, if it were to happen, who would your Succi be? Let the Tournament of the Succubus begin!

Round 1: 10/10 Supermodel vs. G4 Anchorwoman

Vote in the comments. ;)

Loot Card Insanity

After hearing so much about the Loot Card luvin' people are getting lately, and seeing an Ally darting around Shatt on a Spectral Tiger yesterday, I decided to hit eBay to see what the market for such luxuries is like. To my horror, I found this...

I'm all for hawt mounts, no doubt, and this one almost makes a third testicle drop it's so virile. But WTF @ $600??? That is more expensive than an 8 GB iPhone, would take care of almost 4 years of WoW subscriptions, and could feed all of southern Africa for the next several months, and all for a piece of cardboard that produces a mount everyone will probably eventually have anyway?

GG people. I hope you pay so much for that thing, you can't even afford to pay your subscription to ride it.

Karma ftw.

5v5 Arena

World of Warcraft can be a very humiliating game sometimes. Moments like getting out-DPS'd when I shouldn't be, for example, or accidently hitting my bandage macro instead of Soul Shatter definitely keeps me in my place and the ego in check, even being the almost completely narcistic Warlock that I am (but aren't we all? =P). Those moments of disparagement, as face-palming as they are, aren't really all that serious, however. They don't really cause harm to anything but our own. Getting out-DPS'd isn't really a big deal as long as the group's DPS is where it needs to be as a whole. Dying due to misclicking a Soul Shatter is often more funny than it is detrimental to the raid. And everyone enjoys watching a Warlock get owned anyway, so it's all good. All in all, we usually just embarrass ourselves a bit, poke fun at the newb that lives within us all, and move on. No ill effects. No problem.

But what of those moments that do have ill effects; those that actually do have an affect on other people? Drawing aggro on Prince, for example, and getting the Tank Infeebled, essentially causing a wipe. Forgetting to watch the Soul Stone timer, forcing the raid to release after a wipe, only to find respawns at the beginning of the dungeon and thus wasting everyone's time. Instances like that affect everyone and, well, they really are a big deal.

That's what makes 5v5 Arena so painful.

In 5v5 (lesser so in 2v2 and 3v3), everyone's rating depends on everyone's individual performance. No one person can make a mistake without ramifications, and on the flip side, no one person can carry a team. Everyone has to play their part, minimizing mistakes as best they can, or else the entire group suffers. It's like each toon is a supporting beam on a sailing ship -- when all are functioning as they should, the ship stays sturdy even in turbulent waters. However, even if one breaks, there's a good chance the ship will go down, and a sinking ship is no good at PvP, no matter how calm the waters.

So how do help keep yourself and your team above water? Sixis, one of my first WoW acquaintances, one-time guildie, and a damn good PvPer said it best. He likened 5v5 to a PvE raid in which everyone has their responsibilities. There's DPS, Heals, CC, even Tanking of sorts, all of which have to be executed in a timely and organized manner. If your DPS or heals are slack, it's a wipe. If your CCs break and are free to roam, it's a wipe. If people don't take care of their responsibilities, it's a wipe, and a waiting drop to boot, which is almost worse than zoning back in to respawns imho.

But how do we get there? How do we get organized in an environment that's totally not scripted and oh so chaotic?

Well, that's all about planning and experience, imo. Knowing what to do, what not to do, taking into account everyone else's responsibilities, and becoming adept at executing quickly = win. In other words, with practice and effort, it will come in due time. Motor memory and memory in general is like that -- give it some work and it'll repay you almost effortlessly. Things will become "second nature," if you will.

But that doesn't make 5v5 any easier or less complicated. There are many variables to take into account, like the composition of the opposing team, their specs, which Arena you are in, how and where the other team begins... you know, stuff you really can't control. But then there are the issues closer to home, and that stinky little detail about being tied in and dependent on your teammates, their specs, and their actions. How do you manage that?

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. I'd imagine it has to do with much excellent communication, individual effort, skill, and sacrifice, and maybe even a little bit of luck at finding a group with just the right amount of chemistry to get things done. "Flow" is what one top-rated Warlock on Tichondrius called it (interview incoming later this week), and while he agreed that luck does play a role, he did say that it comes down to dedication. "How badly does your team want to work for it?" he asked. "Do you just want arena points, or something more?"

Everyone has to want it. Everyone has to put in their all.

Otherwise, everyone will just end up embarrassing themselves in the end.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Memory Lane

Remember this scene?

Opening day at the Portal FTW. =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today's LOL

Not WoW related, but a LOL none-the-less.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

iDPS Test

Do you guys remember those freakin' tests we had to take in Elementary and Junior High school? The Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or ITBS test? Man I hated those things. They were hours and hours and hours of bubbles and boredom. Half the answer sheet was just filling out your name, ffs. Not something an energetic teenage-something would look forward to, even if it did mean getting out of regular classes.

Well, now that I'm not that energetic teenager who is forced to sit down to such things, I am free to find something a little less boring (although just about as repetitive) to fill my time. And I have: the iDPS test.

What is the iDPS test? It's basically all of those Talent and Spell Damage calculators put to the test in "real" in-game situations. The data on each build, different approaches to DPS using such builds, and their damage output over time is collected and compared. This way, all the 'lock talk about what the best spec is for a certain situation is less theory crafting than it is an experienced and tested variable. Definitely a good thing.

So when you see an "iDPS" in the title of a blog post, you'll now know what to expect. Hopefully they'll be of some help someday and not a complete waste of time. ;)

The Guild, Episode 3!

Gotta love programs that are funny, we can laugh at, and yet, oddly remind us of our own existence. Cognitive Dissonance ftw!

Here's the 3rd installment of "The Guild." Be sure to wait for the scene after the credits. ;)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lazy 'Lock Syndrome (LLS)

Have you ever run through an instance, grouped with a PuG or guildies, with a Warlock in the party, wiped, and sat around waiting for the Priest to pop, only to find that he/she wasn't Soul Stoned? How about waiting patiently for a Soul Well to be summoned, only to have a Warlock explain that he didn't have anymore shards left? And what about the Warlock that wouldn't put his Fel Guard away for a more tank-friendly Imp with Blood Pact?

We've all had the displeasure of dealing with players like that, but I would like to clear something up. These are not lazy Warlocks. They are BAD Warlocks. There's a big difference. BAD Warlocks are selfish or ignorant, either not performing the duties of their class because it "gimps" their DPS or because they just don't know it's their responsibility. Oh and trust me, MOST Warlocks are of this type -- they are simply ignorant to what the 'Lock is all about. Lazy Warlocks, on the other hand, aren't necessarily bad 'Locks. No, they are a different beast altogether.

Lazy Warlocks know what they are capable of. They know the class, the potential, the limitations, and what exactly is expected of them. They know the damage they should be doing, and usually how to do it. What makes them lazy is, well, they simply don't execute what they know is their duty, their responsibility. Basically, these guys/girls don't approach each situation with 100% effort. Why this is, I can't say, but it seems almost as if they are content in knowing if they did, they could WTFPWN.

This mindset, as common as it is, I've dubbed LLS, or Lazy 'Lock Syndrome. Warlocks who suffer from LLS don't feel like they have to prove anything. Since everyone already knows that Warlocks = Awesome, they play with little motivation to do their best, knowing they don't need to. Kinda sad, imho. As a result, you see their DPS fall behind Rogues, Mages, and even Hunters, for which there is no excuse. You see them experimenting with Talent Specs, confident that it will not affect their numbers, but hardly optimizing their performance for a given situation. All in all, you just don't see them bringing it to Heroics, Raids, the Arena, or what have you. Sad indeed.

If you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms, LLS might be to blame. Ask your Warlock professional if LLS treatment options are right for you. These include re-rolling a Mage, taking an extended break, or canceling your account altogether. Side effects may include depression and DPS-withdrawal, however, and care should be taken upon the initiation of treatment.

In all seriousness though, what do you guys think? Do you guys feel the laziness bug creeping into the play you experience day-in and day-out? How about your own performance? Do you find yourself not trying as hard as you used to?

Do tell, and what you think the remedy is.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Soulshatter is Resisted, You Die

Earlier today, I found myself reading threads over at the Warlocks Den, which I do every Friday after work. One particular thread that caught my attention didn't discuss anything new or class-breaking, but it did bring to mind an important question, one that I have talked about in much detail before. The topic was the resistability (is that even a word?) of Soulshatter, and amidst the questions of "Can Soulshatter be resisted?" and the tired, almost annoyed "Yeees" answers that resonated throughout the replies, the oddity of the whole thing struck me, as it has done so many times before. And yet, given it's regularity, the question still remains. Why is it that Warlocks are the ONLY damage dealing cloth-wearing casting class that have an aggro-reducing ability that can be resisted???

Priests have Fade. Costs some mana. Saves their ass every time. GG.

Mages have Ice Block. Costs some mana. Saves their ass every time. GG.

Warlocks have Soulshatter. Costs some mana. Costs a freakin' shard. Can be resisted. WTF.

It just seems a little odd to me that, with all else being equal, the number one damage dealing casting class would have a gimped out "oh shit" button. And yes, sure, any good, responsible 'lock can manage their aggro effectively and shouldn't have to worry about it. But the same reasoning can be applied to any class, really, so why is it they that get a "sure thing?" Why are the 'locks singled out? Why can't our aggro-reducing ability be at least be as dependable as that of others?

Something to chew on as we go into this weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blood Elf Warlocks in Denial

As if having every other class crying in the Warlock forums wasn't bad enough, now we've got Warlocks doing it themselves. But not just any Warlocks, Blood Elf Warlocks! What could be so possibly wrong that it would require a tissue for Warlock tears???

It's pretty much a known and accepted idea that Blood Elf Warlocks are not the ideal blend of class and racial ability. The Undead and Orc 'locks, while much more likely to cause one's eyes to fill with pus akin to an STD, are agreed to be the better selections. However, a massive number of BE Warlocks have been rolled contrary to these generally accepted facts, and a direct result of such numbers is a sense of denial that their race make for inferior Warlocks.

Take for example this thread on the Warlock forums that starts with the original poster, a BE Warlock, stating that the BE 'locks with their Arcane Torrent are better at crowd control than Undead Warlocks. True, Arcane Torrent is useful as an extra Silencing effect, which can come in very handy in the Arena environment. However, the OP overlooks one obvious issue with this line of reasoning. Just because you've got it, doesn't mean you're gonna be allowed to use it. In other words, you can't Silence if you're CC'd yourself.

'Locks are one of the most important first targets in all of PvP. As a result, they are either burned down or CC'd almost immediately upon engaging in combat and throughout an encounter. Having multiple methods (WotF + Trinket) to break varying CC's is a priceless tool, and completely out-classes Arcane Torrent in any PvP environment.

Sorry BEs. It's totally and completely true. Your racials are just not all that great for the Warlock class, in any environment. I know it's a hard reality to accept, that your hard work at leveling a toon to 70 only to realize it's not ideal is a bit in vain, but at least you're hawt and sexy, right? I mean, I'm sure that'll come in handy in 5v5, or against Mag, right? =P

Heheh, much love. Now go pwn some faces.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Street Fighter: The Later Years Teaser

Many of us who play WoW were lucky enough to experience the classic days of gaming. Such was a time when consoles were sub-par platforms, fighting games ruled all, and when arcades were open late and always packed full of players, young and old, ready and willing to give up their week's pay for a few moments of poorly-pixelated glory. Such were good times, so it's no wonder the Street Fighter: The Later Years saga has been so well received. We are it's demographic, afterall. :)

On September 7, College Humor will release it's fourth episode of the series. The first three were pretty entertaining, and seeing what the trailer has to offer (embedded below), it's looking like the fourth and remaining episodes will be no different. Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Warcraft Casting Call

We've all heard about the Warcraft movie that is currently in production and slated for an '09 release. And while I shudder at the thought of another video game movie gone wrong (Street Figher, Super Mario Bros, etc.), I can't help but keep slightly interested, looking forward to emerging details as they become available.

One such issue that I don't think has been addressed is the approach to casting. How much will specific classes play a role in the casting call? Will there be a single main representative for each class or a large unorganized group of individuals? If there is going to be a main representative, who will play the Warlock lead???

If I were to choose Warcraft's main 'lock, I would have very little trouble. I mean, there are only a few in Hollywood that would be up for the challenge, and amongst them, only one that is the epitome of the Warlock class. That person, is Christopher Walken, ladies and gentlemen. Not only does he have the look (one freaky mofo), but he's also got the style, and lord knows 'locks pwn style! And he's a fabulous dancer too. Like a Warlock, he pretty much excels at everything he does. A+ imho.

Hell, screw just limiting the guy to playing one class. Make him the ENTIRE cast! Sure the dialogue would require the movie to be at least 9 hours, but how incredibly awesome would that be! Dear goodness, the love scenes alone would be worth it.

So what do you guys think? Who would you like to see play THE Warlock, or any other class for that matter, and why?

Monday, September 3, 2007

How to Beat a Warlock

Warlocks seem to be beating everyone these days. We lead in PvE as the primary casting damage dealers. We own in PvP as CC'ing, huge-damage-dealing hot shots with 10k+ health. We bring the sexiness with some of the best looking gear on the planet. And, we definitely rule when it comes to being the most hated class, ever. So it should come as no surprise that the question of the hour, every hour, is "How do you beat a Warlock???"

Non-Warlocks, rejoice. You have your answer. Kind of.

This video has a fairly slow start. If you wanna get right into the good stuff (and who wouldn't?), skip to about one minute into the vid.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A few sure-fire ways to beat the 'lock. Playing one, I can attest to these methods as being pretty solid. I mean, there's nothing a 'lock would be able to do to counter them! I guess we're not as OP'ed as everyone thinks, eh?

So, in closing, leave our forums alone pls. Kthx. =P

New T Designs @ Jinx

Jinx, the self-proclaimed king of gamer clothing, has released a few new Warcraft goodies this summer. And, just like the ones before them, they are ugly as hell.

Hmm. Okay, so maybe it depends on who is wearing them. But I'm so not liking how Blizzard's class icons sit so prominently in the center of the design. The icons suck, so making them the centerpiece is fail imho. Design something fresh. Something new. And maybe it would work.

Other than that, the designs and patterns surrounding the icons are pretty sweet. Whether you think they're worth almost 20 bucks is your call.

Me, I'll pass.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

On the Warlock Forum

The weather in my hometown is brutal atm. Yesterday, it was 117 degrees F, and today, 115. It's hot, humid, and even raining a booming rain every now and then. Standing outside for even a tiny moment turns me into a sweaty mess, and I ain't about to wash these damn Ralph Laurens twice in one week. Hells no. So, what better time to stay inside, chillin' at my desk, sippin' on a lemonade, and browsing all things Warlock-related.

The first link I'm going to post doesn't redirect to the official WoW 'lock Forums over on Bliz's site. Instead, it links to the Warlocks Den, which offers one of the best 'lock forums on the web. So check it out, and the other links that follow. I hope you find something useful!

The Warlocks Den: The resource for Warlock strats, ideas, theory, and one of the best Warlock forums on the web. There's a wealth of information the site provides, at a fraction of the QQ'ing cost. ;)

Soul Shard Relics: A very cool suggestion, which has been made before, about the specificity of Soul Shards to certain bosses and spells. It'd be pretty cool to have "Nightbane's Soul" in my bag, even if it was just a novelty, but it'd be even more sweet if it could actually be put to good use during another boss encounter or for a quest or something. There's definitely lots of potential here, so give this thread your support!

A Casting Question: Is casting Immolate or Corruption as a non-Affliction-spec worth it? This has been argued about for some time, with many citing faulty DPS-calculators as sources for their positions. Fact of the matter is, it's very situation-dependent. There are other variables to consider as well, and this thread helps to put it all together (amidst some arguing, of course).

Pushing Your Buttons: Players offering up their bindings for all to see. Since spell casting efficiency is half the battle, especially in PvP, it's probably a good idea to optimize your placement of such spells, and this thread can offer up some ideas that can help.

Destro Destro Destro: Good info. on Destruction specs for both PvE and PvP environments. Make no mistake about it. Destro is fun. But making the most out of it is where it gets a little tricky. Mana inefficiency ftl.

Two Diamonds, One Slot: A discussion on the Mystical Skyfire and Swift Starfire Diamonds and when to choose one over the other.

Flight FTL

We've all been there before. Just having left the Flight Master in a capital city, on our way to a distant city on the map, and wondering what we can do in the meantime as our toon glides over seemingly endless terrain on his or her mount. Most of the time, I end up sitting here at my computer, waiting the sometimes several minutes to pass before my character lands at his destinations. Other times I grab a drink, a bite, or something else just a tad more productive. But like I said... usually... it's just sitting here, waiting, several times a day, every day that I play.

As if people don't play this game long enough each day already.

On my way to Gadgetzan from Orgrimmar this morning, it hit me. Why in the hell am I having to wait several minutes during a flight that doesn't really exist? Not only is it incredibly unproductive in both RL AND in-game, but the time adds up quickly too. If you take even a few of the longer flight paths within a day, you're racking up 15-30 minutes of idle time. Yeah, that's a full episode of Robot Chicken or Family Guy, people. Serious business for sure. So why the hell do we put up with it? Why can't we just port from one point to the next?

My guess is that there is a point to the seemingly redundant flight mechanism the Bliz devs have designed. It could be a teaser mechanism that keeps the player just annoyed enough during a flight that they experience satisfaction upon landing, and good feelings = more playing, etc. Or it could just be that the devs want us to "see the land" they've created, perhaps giving us a glimpse at places we haven't been and could be exploring, leveling in, etc. Who knows. But to those of us who have flown each path countless times, wth is the point?

My suggestion: give players the option of flying or porting at each Flight Master location, after they have departed from or arrived at that point a certain number of times. You could even charge more for the direct ports even, just make them available!

Any amount of saved time is a good thing, afterall.