Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Night(fall) of Affliction

So Patch 3.3 has finally landed, and with it has arrived many issues the Warlocking community is having to deal with. The hotly-debated Conflagrate nerf, drop in Destruction-spec raid DPS, percentage stacking changes, and Imp Firebolt pre-casting issues are just a few examples of topics that are keeping Warlock discussion forums busy and that I will be covering here within the next couple of days (vacation ftw!). But before we tackle the serious issues that should have your black blood boiling, here's something to wet your appetite... or make fun of... whatever you wish.

I always thought that "of the Nightfall" was an amazing title for any Warlock, and especially those running Affliction as I had done during Wrath's initial release (v3.0). But as soon as the tree was nerfed in 3.1, I decided it was time to assault the Battlemaster title as a Destruction Warlock and became so absorbed by that grind that Sarth and his 3 drakes simply fell to the wayside. It didn't help that I wasn't amazingly PvE-geared or a member of a solid raiding guild, either.

But with the return of chart-topping Affliction raid DPS in Patch 3.3 and a membership in a casually hardcore raiding guild that is currently clearing ICC-25, I decided it was time to scratch the Sarth10-3D itch that I have ignored for too long.

Below is my pathetic attempt not only at video-making, but at the encounter itself. You'll understand what I mean when you watch the clip -- the sizing is all wrong (I couldn't get it to fill the YouTube frame) and the quality could definitely be better... and if that wasn't enough to poke fun at, just don't laugh too hard when I get stuck in the lava or come within 1k health of an embarrassing death in a void zone. >.< Gotta love early-morning zombie raids!

Thanks to the guildies who helped to make this happen. ;)