Thursday, July 5, 2007

Optimislm FTL

Every once in a while, both in-game and out, I come across individuals that just make me laugh and shake my head a little. For example, today, in class, there was a student that started talking on his cellphone in the middle of lecture. And this wasn't just your average /whisper "Yeah, I'll call you back. Bye." conversation. It was a full on "Hey! How are you? Good! I'm in class at the moment. How's everyone doing over there?" Etc. Even after I brought the lecture and slides to a complete halt, he kept going. Even after making eye-contact with me, he kept going. He finally got up and left after a half-minute or so (felt like an eternity), and yes, I laughed a little, lowered my head, and shook it a little.

Little did I know it would happen again a many hours later, in Heroic Mech. I joined a PuG group led by Cullixkilla, an old PvP bud of mine that I came to know during my days with Onyx. Stonemaiden was in the group, which is never a good thing no matter what group your with or what instance you're in, but I went along with it. "Who knows?" I thought to myself. "Maybe he won't act like the jackass he is."

Optimism FTL.

After 3 quick wipes, 2 of which were on the mini-bosses and at 5% of their health or less, Stone dropped Party. No word. No explanation. No warning. No replacement. Just gone. Again, knowing what I know about Stone, I just laughed, lowered my head, and shook it a little. "Such a lack of self-awareness." I thought. I mean, wouldn't he know his reputation suffers by acting the way he does. Surely enough, as soon as he dropped, talk of his very low DPS took center stage in Party chat, as did his lack of etiquette and respect. Well deserved, imho.

Oh, and btw, that student who was talking on his phone during lecture. He apologized to me after class for his rudeness and disrespectful behavior.

Still waiting on you, Mr. Military.




sixis said...

cullix is awesome

JAGOeX said...

werd. Love the guy.

Anonymous said...

LOL BITCH i luv how you like to talk shit that means i am doin my part in this game. well you can add this to your blog that Stone has done it again lol why you such a nerd anyways im out like a light holla BITCH

Zyphre said...

Hooray for unintelligible garble. Clearly you bruised "stones" soft teeny little pebbles jago. Didn't I tell you not to pick on retards? He clearly has no idea whats going on based on the precarious garbage he tried to pass off as a post.

Also I could have sworn that I mentioned not to join a party with anyone that cant type a full English sentence? I cant get over how douches like this are allowed to exist without registering as a certified Degenerate Fuckwad.

Pussy's that hop online thinking there are no consequences for flapping their jaw need to be directed to me or sixis so that we can re-educate them.

Oh and in case stone happens to come back and try to comprehend what I typed above - Ill use a few small words here.

Stonemaiden is stupid, fat and smells.

Hope that isn't above his reading level. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh snaps Jago, Stone caught you talking shit in your PUBLIC blog that all of his guildies read. Whatever will you do now?

JAGOeX said...

I dunno. I'll probably just continue to watch him prove me correct. It's most satisfying. =)

By the way, Scorn/Deathcrawl, and the others who were in the Heroic Mech run, if you read this, I am SO SORRY for d/c'ing earlier today. I'm back to leeching (a very slow) WI-FI connection from one of my neighbors, and am still having issues on my own line. I'll catch ya in-game soon. Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Hey yo im freaking out im a male and my chars name is stonemaiden haha but ya'll dont seem to be talking about me what server is this so i can clear my conscience.