Saturday, July 14, 2007

This Week on the Warlock Forum

Some posts on the Warlock forum that caught my eye this week:

Dear Warlocks

A Lvl35 Paladin shows up to talk about how Soul-Linked Warlocks almost always admit that they are overpowered, and then asks that all racials be disabled during arena matches. Best response so far?
This is stupid.

So say you disable racials. But then gnomes have the advantage! They're smaller, harder to target and harder to see. A tauren is a heck of a lot easier to target. So all players will then have to be scaled so they'd be same in size, so nobody would have the advantage. Imagine a gnome as tall as the hight elf? Big fatass sumo gnome. Is that what you want you pervert?!
Hey, if what people want is a 100% equal playing field, that's bound to happen. And while we're at it, lets just give everyone the same exact stats, abilities, and balance latency individually. Maybe that'll make people that lose realize they just need more practice or to learn more about class weaknesses instead of complaining about "over-powered" abilities all the time.

Warlocks, are you guys serious?

A Lvl 70 Rogue complains that he was dotted with 4 DoTS, at which point he flew away on his mount and was forced to land at 25% to use his Cloak of Skill Shadows to remove all of the remaining DoTS, instantly. I'm sure that makes even mediocre Rogues laugh a little. And a Lvl 70 Rogue responds...
The fact that you are even suggestion you get killed by locks 1v1 means you yourself are a fvcking joke. GTFO and come back when you learn to play YOUR class. Fvcking idiot.
Spelling issues aside, this guy knows what he's talking about. I mean, the guy REMOVED ALL DOTS at the click of a single button, pretty much ignored the fact that he could stun lock anyone to at least half health, and proceeded to complain anyway. And these are the guys Bliz is listening to...

If you can't tell me this is op

This post is so epic, I'm just gonna quote it.
Im a priest and i get the jump on a warlock, he sends his felgaurd on me and i get stunned for a second, THEN he dots me up, unstable affliction included. So i dispell it (i can heal what ever i lost from the dispell) and guess what? I get crit for 4000. I have no idea how a dot can suddenly turn into a nuke if dispelled this is utter BS. good going blizz
Yeah, uhuh, I love my 41/41/0 spec as well.

Those three posts are pretty much a good representation of what you'll find on the 'lock forums. Crying, whining, and straight up lying. Lesson to be taken? Warlocks aren't overpowered. Lots of players (including many 'locks) simply suck. >=)


Jay said...

ya think?

its not just locks, hun. a lot of people suck at playing the game, period. :D

JAGOeX said...

Dammit Jes, read my entire post! =P

Arydan/Impervious said...

I hate how fucking terrible-ass rogues seem to stick out the most for our class. ): Damnit, we're not all whiny with the IQ equivalent of a grapefruit!

Jay said...

hmm, misread your last paragraph the first time through. thought it was just referring to locks, i guess.

fuck you bitch. <3

Zyphre said...

What happened to the shammy/pally hate? D:

EvilCheeseWedge said...

Hey, did you delete my comment, or did I fail at posting? :(

Nikto said...

Can mages still cry about locks?

JAGOeX said...

Evil, I think that was a different post. :)

Nikki, I'll get you a box of tissue.

Anonymous said...

people always crying about other classes is the same kind of people that complain that so - and so is making a dollar more than me at work.

who cares? no one should. if this class is so damn powerful or that class is then reroll. sometimes people just complain a little too fuckin much.

just straight up bitch style.
i think everything is a little more or less balanced.

those bitching fags all want to be on god-mode. not fair...god-mode.

class knowledge, using terrain, LOS, fighting smart, use your global cooldowns effectively, think ahead, etc etc.

and...every class has a 1-push button special whether they have to spec for it or not. if you need it, do it.

i am built with armor and alot of hp. i don't have a defensive push button. i can see why locks and rogue need one. i can see why mages need iceblock for pvp and blink, i can see why hunters need their traps.

the warrior forums is just like that. peeps just complaining and complaining.

about ms..about spell reflect.
both which needs rage, and it is a give or take..between zerker and battle and using a shield which needs to be equipped or we lose the spell reflect.

we don't start at a 100 rage like mana and energy.

we fight each class differently don't we?

/rant off

sorry...i've been reading so much ms nerf posts lately. they don't realize how much rage we need to hit ms. it's not spammable even with a full bar of rage.
oh, and the healers that complain about not being able to heal through ms is a fuckin joke.

at mid-lvl arena is not even a huge factor. there are such good healers that they will ironman through the ms easily.

6tha7tha hustle

Anonymous said...

oh..and i play with a pally that can easily ironman me through a gripload of ms debuff, lock, spriest dots.

that shit is possible and i blow intt.shout, kite and get back into range of him, we run around terrain while he heals and we go back in fighting.

if you try to ironman a locks dots...that's like trying to fight wanderlei silva with just a bat.

Anonymous said...

oh...and there is no seems that it what peeps want.
fuckin hilarious.

all fuckin pussies

Anonymous said...

sorry..just a bit hungover

Anonymous said...

oh..and i'm gonna just add one more thing then im gonna sleep for a bit.

the only classes that need buffs are rogues and mages.

they are long overdue.
rogues are fine if they have the great gear. in my new battlegroup, i've actually lost to a couple of rogues thinking i could ironman them. but i armroy them and they had really good gear.

the mages??? well, their only chance is being frost. they are being cornered into one tree.

i will literally rip a fire mage's arm off, take his wand and shove it back up his ass if i catch him alone.

both classes need to get some kind of huge defensive buff. it is really a situational kind of play for them. it limits them.

we'll see how i feel after my sleep.

Anonymous said... more more thing

for the ones who bitch about a rogue's CoS..that gimp bitch complaining style.

you dot the rogue force the CoS and kite...kite, kite, kite. blow trinket, spam whatever defensive you have.

then reapply dots.
CoS is not the game-breaker.
don't try to just stand there and ironman a rogue if you're're asking for a bigger anus.

each class needs to be fought differently.

ooh..and one more thing..this is BC. whoever gets 100-0 now either lacks some serious gear or is just a crappy player.

Zyphre said...

sixis, my mage would own your warrior in on a pvp server one on one. :D

Never ever even once had a warrior kill me on my mage. ;P

Dont post drunk.

JAGOeX said...

I agree with all of your consecutive mini-rants, Six. Drunk Sixis should visit my blog more often. ;)

Anonymous said...

Z...have you seen my gear lately? lol
you better get the first jump on me and make me eat a huge pom crit...cause once i get my green and grubby fat fingers on

Zyphre said...

Tactics my friend :) we both know they work. Most players know very little about their class and don't think outside the box. No use really comparing experiences. We got nothing to prove anyway.

JAGOeX said...

If I ever found myself on a PvP server, I'd carry two things on me at all times: Swiftness Pots and Insignia of the Horde. That way, if I ever needed to take off, I could burn a Deathcoil or Insta-Howl, curse with Exhaustion, burn the trinket if my speed is impaired, and use the potion to jet out of there.

I've never been one to run, though, so who knows. :)

Btw, I am looking to transfer as of today.

Anonymous said... wanna transfer off of alex?