Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fear Response

My wife was running Glitz around Hellfire Peninsula yesterday evening doing the Hellfire Fortification quest. She's never really found herself in a world PvP situation, so she really didn't know what to expect and took it very lightly. After capturing the first two targets without a problem, she headed to the Stadium where she found a Lvl 62 Gnome Warlock, flagged, and sitting on his Dreadstead. Seeing her screen, I jump out of my seat and dart across the room to the computer. "Go go go. Don't let him get a fear off!"

She froze. Her hands hovered above the keyboard motionless, as if the 'lock wouldn't see her if she didn't move. Her eyes grew large as if she had seen a ghost, and her pupils dilated, turning blue into black. Psychologists call this the "fear response," a natural reaction to threatening stimuli. How appropriate.

The 'lock dropped off of his mount and began chain-fearing Glitz. The wife started waving her hands over the keyboard as if someone had just lit them on fire. "What do I do?!" she screamed. "I can't do anything!" The Warlock cast Fear again, before his first had even broken. Glitz took Resurrection Sickness shortly after... /sigh

Fear. Probably the most frustrating and annoying spell in the entire game of WoW. It can be chained, you take damage while affected, and you really have no idea when it is going to break, assuming that it will before your toon meets the Spirit Guide. You run around, helplessly losing life, and can do nothing about it. Well, at least that's what the QQ'ing majority would have you believe.

As we waited for Glitz's Res Sickness to wear off, we talked about what she could have done differently. We talked about PvP trinkets that break Fear, catching the Warlock with DoTS and damage before and between his Fear casts, bubbling and healing through DoTS, making the Warlock Lifetap himself to death, using Silence, Arcane Torrent, and all the other things most people don't apply properly, leading to death by DoT'd Fear. "Show me how to do it." she says. Gotta love her attitude.

I took Glitz back to the scene of the crime. A different Warlock (Lvl 64, Demonology spec) was running around outside of The Outlook, flagged, and ready to go. I flagged up again, bubbled, Silenced the 'lock, and preceded to kick his ass. A SW:Pain here, a Mind Blast there, then an Arcane Torrent and Psychic Scream into a chain of Mind Flays that was topped off by a SW:D. The Warlock didn't get to cast a single Fear. I dropped out of Shadow and healed through what DoTS I couldn't remove. The wife was floored.

"So, you just keep them Silenced and beat them to casting Fear?"

"Well, in a Shadow Priest's case, yeah, I guess."

"And others have different ways to do it?"

"Yup. Pretty much."

"So anyone can beat a Warlock..."

Congrats babe, you just figured out what 90% of the WoW population has yet to realize. All you have to do is respond to Fear, the right way. ;)


Anonymous said...

omfg fucker
you just made me miss pvp on alex. :(
i would love to pvp with you guys man.'s always good to see someone get their headrolling on for the first time.

-fight or flight

-6tha7tha hustle

JAGOeX said...

Dude, if only they'd let us xfer to a PvP server. I'd so be there in a heartbeat.

*insert random "you'd never survive" comment from Zy here*

Jay said...

lol... i beat you in duelz on my gnome.


JAGOeX said...

You beat me once. If we had finished those last two before they became Epic Duels of the Lawl, you'd be singing a different tune woman! That's right. And that's even though you have a combined 160+ days playing a 'lock and I have, what 6 days on a Priest? Stick to PvE! <3


Zyphre said...

Haha. You would eventually learn how its done jago, but I don't think it would be right to let carebears level up on their danger free servers and transfer. Part of the whole system is learning about being ganked, and taking your fair share before you are able to dish it out.

It would be interesting watching you adjust though.

Anonymous said...

pvp servers are hella builds a more def. state of mind in a player i believe. plus, you're always panning around with your camera.

but as far as quality and class's very debatable. i've witnessed a gripload of great pvp'ers on pve servers. but i'm not sure if they originally played on a pvp.


JAGOeX said...

There was a stretch when I forced myself to flag up before going to the Elemental Plateau, thinking I would get ambushed while fighting elementals. It wasn't the case. :(

If I were on a PvP server, I'd probably use my Succi and Fel Hunter a lot more than I do now. Now sure what other changed I'd make, being that I've never played on one before.

Ferarro said...
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Ferarro said...

As a paladin, I have no way to beat a warlock outside of luck. And a warlock of equal skill and gear can beat almost anyone; rogues, shadow priests and other warlocks withstanding.