Monday, July 2, 2007

Degrees F

Ahh, Southern California in the Summer. The current temp in my area is 103 degrees F, which is miserably hot if you're not in a swimming pool or standing totally naked in-front of an A/C vent or something. And along with the sweltering misery comes all sorts of other good stuff. Fire danger is definitely an issue, and fire trucks and water-dropping helicopters and airplanes are all over the place today. Then there's the seriously bad-for-you smog that gets so much worse on uber hot days like this. Just to give ya an idea of how bad the smog is, I can't see the mountains that are just a 15 min drive from my house. It's actually pretty disgusting.

But more annoying than all of those things combined is the constant dropping internet connection. It has gone down four times since I arrived home this afternoon, and of course, Verizon is blaming the weather. Meh, annoying. But, on a positive note, I am upgrading to a fiber optic connection this week, so that should brighten things up a bit.

Unfortunately, the FIOS connection is also through Verizon, so we'll see just how much things will actually change on the satisfaction front. I need to have constant email access now that I'm going to have students communicating with me regularly, so for me, aside from the whole "zomg WoW withdrawal" thing, it's a pretty big deal. And since when did the Internets have to run inside to grab a bottle of sunscreen and a cool martini? WTB a working, constant connection, kthx.

Oh, and tomorrow, it's supposed to be 107 degrees F. Yay.


Jay said...

If the FIOS is anything like it was when I worked for them... you'll have problems and if you call, they'll say "It's still new and we're working out all of the current issues"

Good luck though. Hopefully Verizon someday provides shit that's worth the money they charge for it.

JAGOeX said...

Sad thing is... or maybe it's a good thing... can't figure that out yet, is that it's cheaper than my current DSL ISP. Sad.

Zyphre said...

Up here in arcata, CA the highs are around 78. Oxygen is plentiful and the ocean air is cool and fresh.

Redwood forest ftw.

Sweltering polluted SO-Cal ftl.

Oh and Transformers move FTWWWWW.

Jay said...

FIOS is cheaper, but very hard to get if you aren't in a big city. Like... very expensive to have it run anywhere new. ;)

Zy: I agree. Even though I haven't been up there... I agree. Even where I live is probably better than SO-Cal in the summer. Makes me wonder why I've ever even thought of moving to Cali. =p