Thursday, July 26, 2007

LFG Fix LFG Tool Pst Bliz

There's this bug... and I call it a bug because it just absolutely cannot be working as intended... that I've come across recently since picking up a new toon to level.

If you've ever used the LFG Tool that Bliz introduced in 2.0, you're probably familiar with it's less-than-stellar and somewhat clumsy user interface. Sure, it's a bit annoying, but when it works, it's worth putting up with. Unfortunately, given the nature of PuG groups and that 90%+ of them are destined to fail, we have to put up with the tool failing far too often. The bug comes into play during such an occasion.

When you are invited into a Party while using the tool, you are put into a queue that searches for more players for that one specific instance. However, if that Party happens to disband (for who knows what reason), you are not returned to the LFG status you set forth using the tool. Oh no. You're forgotten about. Completely. And you have to set it up all over again, that is, if you even remember to do so.

When this happens, time and time again as it so often does, it really, really gets on the nerves. It's totally no wonder why hardly anyone on my server uses the thing. It's totally broken.

Fix please. ASAP.


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Zyphre said...

Post this in the bug forums nub.