Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After days and even weeks of experiencing disconnects and an overall unstable internet connection, the signal finally went "sputzzzzz...." sometime today while I was at work. I've spent about an hour on the phone with tech support trying to figure out what's going on, and after being "elevated" to peeps who actually know what they are doing, I am still disconnected, waiting for a callback from Verizon (the actual ISP), and leeching my neighbor's Wi-Fi to make this post and check on my FIOS order. Fun, huh.

Hope you're all having a good night. ;)


Fuzzywuzzy said...

Ghetto internet brings back the good old days.....dorm much?

Anonymous said...

If you have anymore Verizon trouble, start asking questions about what their NxTT test is showing... or ask to be escalted to a person that can handle chronic cases.

That's some Verizon service termonology for you. I can so get in trouble for that, can't I? haha.


sixis said...

this post is not about your internet mr.jago...i have an assumption about what it's really about. You're a sneaky guy lol