Friday, July 6, 2007


With all the group issues I've had recently, including my own disconnects, I got to thinking about group etiquette and the ideal approach a player should take when joining or leaving a party. It's not really something that's ever talked about. I mean, there's the tip at the WoW loading screen that suggests players treat one another well for grouping purposes, but really, that's all I ever see or hear about the matter. And given the lack of social awareness out there, I'm thinking we need more. Much more.

Here are the rules I hold myself to:

1) When looking to join or am invited to a group, I consider the time I have available, the length of the run, and I let the group know whether or not I can stay for a full clear BEFORE the run actually begins (and even before joining the Party).

2) When I join a group and have established how long I can stay, I plan on staying that amount of time. No bones about it.

3) if something comes up, I tell the group at the first sign of the potential that I may have to leave early so we can get started on finding a replacement asap.

4) I (as in, me, myself) put a great deal of effort into finding a replacement, and I try not to leave until one is found.

5) I apologize. Walking out of a commitment or responsibility affects others, so acting like it's no big deal is selfish and incredibly asinine.

6) When disconnected, I do whatever I can to get back online asap. I hate being left to wait, so I wouldn't wish that upon anyone else. Once, I even drove to a coffee shop to hook up to WiFi to let the group know I couldn't be back.

7) On multiple disconnects, I treat it as if I have to leave the group early and start looking for a replacement asap.

That's pretty much all I can think of atm... not because there isn't anything else, but because I'm out of the drinkie and am going to take a little trip. If you have any other rules of behavior or codes of honor that you play by, please let me know. I'd love to compile a list for the realm forums, cause lord knows, our realm needs it. ;)


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Anonymous said...

If there are kids in a group and they act like it I just leave.