Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post PTR Resilience Response

Now that the PTR has been out for a bit and players have had the opportunity to see Resilience's new effect on DoTS, what are they saying about it? Has the opinion of the majority changed?

"Given that the average damage reduction is dependent on crit chance and bonus in the first place, how can you hope to implement a flat damage reduction on DoTs without letting them crit?" - Lvl 70 Mage

"DoT's aren't out of control in PvP... DoT damage is constant, DoT damage is predictable, DoT damage is delayed." - Lvl 70 Druid

"My damage has taken a steep dive. My Shadow Word: Pain does much less damage than the stated 10% reduction Blizzard stated it would have against heavy Resil. I'm depending on casts with cooldowns and channeled spells now for damage. I mean why even bother trying?" - Lvl 70 Priest

"Currently 8 of 13 Battlegroups have active Warlocks in their Rank 1 2v2 arena. If this does not completely derail [the topic of] this thread, I don't know what does." -Lvl 70 Mage

"Yeah, cause those 30 second dots really kick your ass when the arena match is over 15 seconds after casting them on you, due to OMGWTFMSCRITEXECUTE I hear dots are deadly when that scoreboard is covering your screen." - Lvl 70 Warlock

"I think I see where Bliz is going with this change. Expect our Talent trees to merge into two branches in the near future. They will be called "PvP" and "PvE" and will emphasize the one-dimensional play the game seems to want from it's players. It'll not longer be about doing both, but one over the other." - Lvl 70 Warrior

Now, in all fairness, the PTR is bugged and the effect Resilience has on DoTS is a little higher than it should be, but from what these and other reactions are telling me, there's still a lot of resentment in the air.


Zyphre said...


Play wow long enough, you will understand that blizz wont listen to anyone but the devs. The devs make it a game to rotate subtle power boosts to certain classes, then cycle them to others from patch to patch.

In truth there is no nerfing that happens powerful enough to make the 'worst' class of a given patch cycle incapable of beating the 'best'. Its all about learning new strats and tactics.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with Z...
it's a cycle, always have been, always will be. some peeps don't understand that and i think blizz does it to keep the hunger well fed.

and yes, strats and tactics will make the difference in gameplay. everyone needs to adapt and most will. there will be some that will go bitch-style and just complain, complain, complain, and fuckin complain...

then they will complain even fuckin more. i really fuckin hate complainers. fuckin always complaining about some shit.

when burffs and nerfs happen, either swing with it or quit.

just straight up bitch style. fuckin complainers.


Anonymous said...

oof.... i meant to say buff not burf

-6tha7tha angered

EvilCheeseWedge said...

I dunno. I think the DoT nerf was lame. Especially since a mage can easily get rid of a warlock curse, and priests can easily get rid of the rest of the magic DoTs warlocks might use. I also feel like a lot of the class changes this year have been, essentially, centered entirely around their performance in the arena, which I think is lame to a degree as well.

Plus I like how they just randomly changed a stat. What’s next for resilience? Makes heals land on you for more?

JAGOeX said...

Good players own nerfs, true, but I personally don't see the nerfs themselves as being the biggest problem.

Look at the last quote I posted. That distinction between PvP and PvE, we've all known it's there, but now, the differences are being all the more emphasized. So if you get too deep into one, you're very much falling behind in the other. It didn't used to always be that way. To me, that should be our biggest concern.

As for this specific nerf, it just seems like a lame attempt at shutting people up. The end result should be a 10% reduction to DoT damage at 400 Resilience... in the end, I can't see that as a sweeping change. Sure, it affects Warlocks and Shadow Priests quite a bit, and maybe changing a crit-based stat isn't the smartest way to go about it, but the nerf is minimal. I'm keeping my trap shut about it at this point. ;)