Sunday, July 1, 2007

Her Responses

Has anyone else noticed how many other blogs came to a screeching halt almost immediately after Jade deleted hers? Does anyone else think the fact that the events are probably related is a little funny? I giggle a little at the thought. Like a school girl. Eating cotton candy. In a plaid mini. And 3 inch heals. Calm down, Cheese.

It's kinda sad but also a little impressive how girls can do that to some boys, isn't it? I mean, it's totally an attention issue, and as soon as Jade shied away from the whole blog scene, those that were in it just for her responses (whether real or imagined) basically just up and left as well.

Look around. I'm sure you'll notice which ones I'm talking about. Kinda explains a lot, doesn't it.


Jay said...

It's not like I asked peoples to make blogs >.>

Annnnd... I kinda deleted mine because so many people made them. Fucking followers =p

Zyphre said...

o.O blogger > livejournal. Thats all I have to say.

Jay said...

I used to have a deadjournal.

deadjournal pwns livejournal.

but blogger has more options. >.>

EvilCheeseWedge said...

I'm proud of my rip off blog :)

But yeah, Jago, interesting points.

I think the only way I'd stop my blog at this point is if I quit WoW, which I don't plan on doing in the near future.

Arydan/Impervious said...


JAGOeX said...

Yeah, I'll probably stop updating once I'm done with WoW, unless this thing evolves into something else entirely.

Jade -- blogging was my idea, remember (ya damn hitchhiker). ;) I'm glad it caught on, and I'm also glad you deleted yours, because it shows who was really in it for the blogging and who was in it because of you.

Ary, less drugs, more updates pls, kthx. =)

Zyphre said...

Jago you cant stop blogging after wow. Just make a new one. Then give it to me. Because I need shit to read damnit.

Also, why have you stopped replying to my blogg D:!?!!?

JAGOeX said...

I haven't stopped responding. You're just not responding to your real name, Ralph. =P