Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After way too many attempts, what seemed like 10,000 infernals, and way, way too many bad placements, we finally had a lucky run against the Prince, and even with me watching for Infernals (zomg!), we were able to down him before server reset. Good times. =)

Grats to Equinox. Nightbane and Gruul's this next week. XD


Fuhsnuh, 70 Troll Hunter said...

congo rats o_o-b

and I demand a spot in the Alex Blogging community! /rawr

Netherdream said...

wow so much for not joining another raid guild

where has jade been btw

JAGOeX said...

Yeah, it was a little unexpected. I still don't have the aspirations I once had though, so this is a very, very casual thing for me.

And to be quite honest, downing Prince isn't anything special anymore. As one Equinox member put it, "This is the new UBRS. No big deal."


Gamble said...

Gratz on Prince. Wether or not kara is the new UBRS, Prince still requires some fundamentals that will be necessary later on.

Oh and I out-did your laptop. I will catch you up later


JAGOeX said...

Yes yes, pls do.