Friday, June 22, 2007

A Real Ninja

So I'm watching my wife playing WoW right this second, and low and behold, after being called a ninja for rolling on a healing item as a priest last night, she actually got to see what a real ninja is all about.

The Hurricane dropped when their group was in the BRD vault. I was sitting next to her and noticed that a warrior in the party, Zordiak from ILL, rolled Need almost immediately. I said aloud "that's odd," and then had to explain the common courtesy rules involved with rolling on BoE items, and especially related to epics. Everyone else in the party rolled Greed and congratulated Zordiak on his new bow... the one that he then wouldn't equip.

"But I rolled Greed." he said. "Oh, I must have misclicked." That lit a fire under the party's ass.

"See babe, that's a real ninja."

The group started pressuring him to equip the item when they started to realize what was going on. He didn't. Then a party member suggested that everyone rolls for it if it indeed was a misclick, so that everyone could have a fair shot at it, obviously testing Zordiak's story. He stayed quiet, and his toon didn't move. My bet is that he was alt-tabbed, checking to see how much the item was worth and whether or not that amount was worth soiling his rep.

We sat there for 10 mins watching the happenings on the screen, and talking about why people would find it necessary to screw others over like that. Like many behaviors we've seen recently, I simply can't fully explain the motivation behind them.

After a good amount of idle time, Zordiak finally equipped the bow, but the damage was already done and the run was called a short time later. Before it was, however, the wife received a tell from him, saying that he was going to ninja it but then decided it was wrong to do so, and that he just wanted to be honest about it all. In other words "it wasn't worth nearly as much as I thought it would be, so I decided to keep it instead." Ass.

Now the wife fully understands that she wasn't in the wrong yesterday. She knows what a ninja is all about now, so I guess something good came out of this. =)


Anonymous said...



Zyphre said...

You simply cant explain the motivation? Come on now.

Its a basic instinct - greed. You know, that thing tied in with self preservation and all that. Sometimes its the little words that explain the big things :)

EvilCheeseWedge said...

I LOLed.

JAGOeX said...

Greed alone creates the desire, trueness. But what causes people to act on that desire?

Self-preservation is what should motivate someone not to be greedy. I mean, when you pull a stunt like that, stealing an item from others, you are basically giving other people the right to do it to you. So the motivation can't be tied in with self-preservation unless I totally got the philosophy all wrong.

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Zyphre said...

That guy is right. You think society would react the same to their greed when little to no real consequences are involved?

Also, again basic animal instincts - more for you ensures your survival. People that let these things loose when they feel that nothing really bad can happen don't get caught up in the aftermath of their choices.

I know that if I could log into an avatar of me and go to wal-mart in a virtual sense. Id rob them blind.

You see this kind of thing happening in riots as well. Looting ftw.

In a group sense, where you are actually depending upon others to better your chances at survival I can understand your take on it.

I thought you were gonna be a professer nub!

JAGOeX said...

Zy, next time, raise your hand before speaking. kthx.

Zyphre said...

You can pay me to be your class advisory. I have a thing for making people feel that way.