Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alex's Loss

It's official. Alexstrasza has lost another active raiding guild that was worth a damn. Prom Kings is no longer a raiding guild, according to Jade, and has no more plans to pursue end-game content. It's a bittersweet moment, as the guild GM put it. Bitter because a premiere group of raiders, the first to clear Karazhan Horde-side, is now fragmented and the potential that was once there is now just a memory. Sweet because the members won't have to put up with the b.s. of having other players transfer to Alex after being recruited by Jade, only to see them poached. No more teasing. No more frustration. No more pressure. No more expectations. No more disappointment. A collective sigh of relief, if you will. Personally, I think it's much more than that.

PK calling it quits is symbolic of everything that's wrong with Alexstrasza's Horde. If you look at the events leading up to the guild's raiding demise (losing MT's left and right, having members and transfers poached, the harassment of the female GM, etc.), one thing rings true: most of the parties involved in the associated acts can't seem to see beyond themselves in any given moment. Some would describe that as a very limited consciousness or an inability to understand the grandeur of experience outside of themselves. There's no real responsibility here to anyone but one's own, and that, my friends, is why PK failed, and why other guilds like it are bound to fail as well. Alex's loss, for sure.

This kinda thing should really get everyone thinking about what it takes to make a successful guild. I mean, it's obvious no one has a plan in place, given that none of our guilds have made it past Gruul. But if anyone gives a damn, maybe it's time we actually change things up a bit Horde-side and start trying, yeah? Otherwise, we're gonna have guilds stuck on Mag for months on end and trying to save face by calling each most recent attempt their "first real attempt." Personally, I'd like a little more for our server. Hopefully everyone does. Otherwise, what's the point?

Heh... maybe that's what Jade was getting at...

Anyway, /salute to PK and to Jade for a good run. Thanks for the good times and for the lessons learned. You guys definitely had a believer out of me.


Netherdream said...


soon my master plan of all raiding guilds on alex disbaning and leaving gladiators as the furthest progressed guild will be realized MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
seriously tho, this does suck. i think what i liked about PK wasn't that you all were progressing, or you had epics, it was that you all had personality. from the handful of you i've talked to before you were all genuinely nice people who were just enjoying the game. i think thats why i'm sad (well not rl sad, but you know what i mean) to see PK go.

the high end horde raid guilds on this server are lame ducks at best, i honestly don't see much progression happening until you basically see the extinction of pretty much all the current guilds and the reformation of the collective masses under new guilds with completely different leadership.

I wish Jade all the best though in her time in WoW, or irl. She's a nice person who took alot of crap on our server for reasons I just don't get, and that says alot because I'm a master of drama in this game. I would love to see PK return to the raid circuit, but if they don't thats cool too, it was good talking to you all while I had the chance and opportunity to.

and in closing, i'll recap some of my best remembered raid moments for you to read, laugh at, and go "omg i can relate to that"



[Officer][Netherdream]: i've got enough fagots to deal with in this guild he had his chance
-Shootakill has been kicked out of the guild by Netherdream-

[Party][Netherdream]: i'm really fucking glad i stayed till 3 in the fucking morning only to find out our hunter doesn't speak english well enough to know not to dot the sheeped targets
-Baku has been kicked out of the guild by Netherdream-

[Officer][Netherdream]: by wife you mean the guy that recieves, right?

[Party][Netherdream]: thanks for using shadowfury on the egg pile...can i get a rez?

[Raid Leader][Netherdream]: ok...well looks like a clothie cant go toe to toe with razorgore...

[Party][Netherdream]: i can't sheep demons...i told you this the last 3 pulls in a row

[Guild][Netherdream]: Kazzak down

[Officer][Netherdream]: fuck you and your guild democracy bullshit, i made this guild, i AM the guild, you can fuck off and die
-Cochu has been kicked out of the guild by Netherdream-

/sigh...such good memories lol

Jade said...

The only comment I have at this point regarding what's all happened with PK... is that I wish more of the good members would consider server transferring to better things and a larger perspective of end-game raiding guilds.

Arydan/Impervious said...


EvilCheeseWedge said...

Jago... we need to hit up the battlegrounds sometime. Kthnx.