Tuesday, June 5, 2007

7g 60s 80c

Dreadmist Leggings - vendored for 2g 4s 75c.
Dreamdmist Wraps - vendored for 97s 27c.
Dreadmist Sandles - vendored for 1g 36s 39c.
Dreadmist Bracers - vendored for 81s 38c.
Dreadmist Belt - vendored for 85s 93c.
Dreadmist Mask - vendored for 1g 55s 11c.

Finally letting go of that garbage, which took me ages to get - 7g 60s 80c.

6 free bank slots ftw. =)

Any of you guys holding on to gear you'll never use again, just for the sake of having it?


Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

7/8 dreadmist
8/8 T2
5/5 T2.5
Sexy Robes of the Battleguard
crafted NR cloth set
Old school pvp gear
Frost Resist gear
a few random other pieces.

JAGOeX said...

Geez. Pack rat a little?

I still have all of my Rank 14 stuff. Haven't vendored it cause, well, I can't. >.<

Netherdream said...

i vendored my T1 set for like 10g before, i cried at how long it took to get and how little i got

JAGOeX said...

Yeah. Sucks doesn't it? I just vendored some Nemesis and need to take a shower.

Arydan/Impervious said...

3/8 Bloodfang
4/8 Nightslayer
Boots of the Shadow Flame
HWL Sword
Brutality Blade
Vis'kag the bloodletter
Onyxia Tooth pendant
Don Julio's Band
Blackhand's Breadth
Random ZG gear

Just to name a bit of the stuff I hang onto. :D

JAGOeX said...

This game must breed pack rat behavior. I was talking w/ Demordrah the other day and he was naming off the most random ish that he had in his bank. Like, he had a green mid-lvl off-hand because it looked like a stick of dynamite!

Anonymous said...

2/8 D1
6/8 D.5
2/8 BGv1 (Old pvp set)
4/8 BGv2 (Newer pvp set)
4/5 ZG
7/8 T1
7/8 T2
4 dagger sets
2 sword sets
Enough epic rings / trinkets to run a jewlery store.