Monday, June 18, 2007

Hope the Best

I logged in earlier today to find that a few more members, including the guild's best Paladin, Majinn, quietly jumped ship during the night. It's fairly disappointing to see that trend continuing, but to be quite frank and 100% honest, it's not all that surprising given how things have been going over the past many months, and that the environment Alex creates for a Horde-side guild doesn't really make it easy to get things straight once they've veered even a little off course.

What is surprising, however, is how quickly these members found a new guild, and that the new guild is Reformed Again. Personally, I think it's a little rash of them to join a guild so quickly, but in all reality, what I think of what they do is of little value. I wish them luck with their new crew and hope the best. Maybe they can help that guild finally down a boss they should have downed months ago, and Maj and the gang definitely bring the skills necessary to do so. Here's to hoping we see some Horde-side progress within the next week as a result.

This server... it's something, isn't it?

For the Alliance. Seriously.


Netherdream said...

why in the hell arent you people coming to my guild? i'm cool! i've cut back on swearing and slurs by 27% lol

JAGOeX said...

You frighten me. =P

In all reality, small guilds are cursed on this server. Alex Horde-side is backwards like that. You have huge guilds that can't progress without hording all the talent, and even then, there's no set structure in order to maintain the progress.

It's pathetic.

Jade - GM of Prom Kings said...

I officially called off raiding for the guild as of tonight. I told everyone to feel free and move on if they wanted to continue raiding, and that I wouldn't be going anywhere with Jade.

It's bittersweet and though I'm sure some of the members are upset, it's for the best. They deserve to see more than I could get us into.

See ya around, Jago.

JAGOeX said...

Very bittersweet, but I hope everyone finds what they are looking for.

Lemme know how things go on the other side. Don't be a stranger.

Jade said...


btw, regarding Majinn... he'd already talked to me last night before leaving. No hard feelings there.

Zyphre said...


What happens next!?

Find out on the next episode of
"As the zeppelin turns"

JAGOeX said...

What happens next? Nothing noble, that's for damn sure. But then again, this is a game, and all that "honorable" talk doesn't really matter to the vast majority on Alex.