Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How to Melt a...

In this edition of HtMa, we're gonna be taking a look at a basic outline of how to burn down a Priest with some Warlock goodness. First, a Shadow Priest.

How to Melt a Shadow Priest:

- Roll a warlock.
- Cast Curse of Tongues on the Priest.
- Cast Shadow Ward on yourself.
- Have pet attack (you better use special abilities manually, though).
- DoT with Corruption, Siphon Life (where applicable) and Immolate.
- Cast Fear.
- Cast Drain Life until your health is near 100%. If your health is already up there, toss a few SBs or Incins instead.
- Be sure to keep CoT and Shadow Ward active.

At this point, the priest is thinking about healing, so make sure you have your interrupts ready. Deathcoil is an obvious choice, but an instant-HoT works beautifully as well. If you have a Felhunter out, Spell Lock ftw, so use it wisely. If the priest does get a heal off, just continue with keeping him CoT'd and DoT'd. Shadow Priests beat Warlocks by making the 'lock Life Tap himself to death, so if you use your mana wisely and prevent his heals, you won't end up beating yourself before you have a chance to beat him.

Also keep in mind that as a 'lock, you'll probably get resisted a few times against a Shadow Priest, so don't be surprised if you have to cast spells more than once to actually get them to land.

Other than that, just play smart. CoEx kite even, if you have to. =)

How to Melt a Holy/Disc Priest:

- Kick his brother out of the guild.

I crack myself up. =P

Really though, there's nothing complicated here. Just keep him DoT'd and CoT'd, keep interrupting his heals, fear when necessary, and you're golden.

Next time, we'll take a look at Fury Warriors and a beautiful thing called the Insignia of the Horde. =)


Arydan/Impervious said...

How to melt a warlock:
Open with Sap
Cheapshot (2 cps)
Kidneyshot (-2cps)
Crit mut (3 cps)
Preemptively pop CloS when warlock comes out of stun
Gouge (4cps)
KS (-4cps)


JAGOeX said...

How to counter a Rogue:

Insignia of the Horde immediately after sapped. Put pet on attack mode, Shadowburn, CoEx, DoT while running away. This should force the rogue to use Cloak of Shadows (otherwise, he/she's dead). If you've put enough distance between you and the rogue, the Cloak will expire before he/she can get to you. If you have iHoT, use it, otherwise, Deathcoil, reapply CoEx (amplified), Shadowburn, Immolate (and Conflag if you have it), Drain Life. You win. =)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Sap doesn't count for IotH Yago.

JAGOeX said...

Dammit Blawle. Well, at least it doesn't do any damage. ;)