Thursday, June 28, 2007


A few days ago, I found that my wife was in a Scholo run with none other than a former guildmate of mine from War Lords and fellow Rank 14 grinder, Bansheebang. For those that don't know the story, Banshee was the guy who pretended he was a girl, couldn't get into Onyx, became very bitter at Onyx PvPers, and tried to screw over those who were working together, helping one another to reach Rank 14. We Onyx peeps had an order of sorts, and we'd never pass the people who were supposed to be ahead of us "in line" for HWL. Well, Banshee agreed to that order and as a result gained access to a very highly efficient "Honor Train," as Sixis called it. They were basically BG groups composed mostly of Onyx members that would win very regularly and very quickly, resulting in a lot of fast honor. Banshee followed the order most of the way, but towards the end, she (he...) decided she wanted to cut in line and get more honor than everyone else to get to Rank 14 before anyone else (myself included) in the queue, essentially going back on his word. With that declaration and his self-confidence, he tried, but in the end and after roughly 1 million in honor gained per week by those of us who "uncapped" ourselves, he failed, miserably, and cemented his rep on this server as such. Now on to today...

Turns out Bansheebang has a Lvl 61 healer by the name of Bansheeheal (shocker, right?). He put together a run for Hellfire Ramparts that my wife wanted to attend. We had already had a discussion about her being involved in runs with Banshee, and I told her she would regret doing it someday, because the kind of person who would do what Banshee did back in the day definitely doesn't hold himself or others to any type of standard. She was anxious to play and went anyway. I grabbed a drink and the "I told you so" banner I carry with me most places and sat dow to have a watch at the retardedness that would ensue.

A few pulls into the instance, and after about 10 tells of Banshee talking himself up about his +700 Healing gear and asking that Glitz pass on the Healing pants he wanted (and my wife for some reason agreeing if he would in-turn pass on DPS gear), the group had already wiped 3 times. Then one pull away from the first boss, Banshee, who put the group together, said he had to leave for a guild run. No help finding a replacement. No respect. No responsibility. No maturity. No class. Classic Banshee. Bang, gone. Ten minutes later, the tank said his girlfriend's toon needed help, and he dropped group. The hunter then proceeded to pull and wipe the group 3 consecutive times. At this point, my wife was getting pissed, especially because I was laughing my ass off. XD

"How old are you?" She /yelled at the Hunter. "10?!"

"11." Said the Hunter. "I'm bored."

I rarely hear my wife swear at people. But oh did she swear. The group disbanded at the first boss in HR as a complete waste of time. GG kids. GG selfish mofos. GG Summertime WoW. GG.

My wife and I now have an agreement. No more Banshee for either one of us. I recommend the same to all of you. ;)


Zyphre said...

Dude, all hunters are 11. Duh.

JAGOeX said...

lol, good point.

JAGOeX said...

Banshee found this post (he Googled himself, lol), whispers me, and then goes on to say that I'm just mad because he got more honor than me - a blatant lie.

Good to know the guy hasn't changed one bit. ;)