Saturday, June 30, 2007

Behind the Toons

A little while ago, I logged in with the 'lock and was greeted by two familiar and old friends from the Onyx days, Rap and Muf. We talked for a bit (mostly about Jagoex luvin') and then the always punctual Muf asked me when I was going to "come home." Their guild, Equinox, is pretty much as close to old-school as it could get for me, so when it comes to my Alexstrasza family, it's very true that home would most closely resemble the peeps at Equinox. After talking about their Warlock class recruitment being closed, Muf shot me an invite to the guild just like that. How could I say "no?" =)

I've been struggling with the whole guild thing, what I'm going to do with Jagoex, whether or not I should even stay on Alex, and the like. What it pretty much came down to for me, at least at that very moment when I received the invite, was how the people I spend my time with approach relationships (because that's a huge aspect of the game). Now, just to give you a bit of perspective -- other guilds that I am very familiar with and who are very familiar with me due to a great deal of history would have probably had me fill out applications and take part in other "official" business before extending me an invite. That's all fine and what not, but to me, that shouldn't be more important than the relationships and people behind the toons. Loyalty. Friendship. Fun. That's why I clicked "Accept."

So, I find myself in a new guild with old friends and very familiar players. I'm not sure how active I'm going to be or even if I'll be of much use at all, but it's good to be "home" again. I wish I could say that there were more old-school players in the guild that I'd love to play alongside with again, but such is the fragmentation of Alex. And, while, I'm sure I'll be met with some animosity, I'm also sure the time I spend with these guys will be a good time. And if it's nothing else at all, well, then it will still be worth it.

Sixis, time to come back man. Lets get this party started.

Oh, and btw, I composed this on an iPhone. Pretty wicked. ;)


Jay said...

Gratz noobness. If you do start raiding again and ever need any Jade advice (for you or for the guild as a whole), you know where to find me.

You better beat me to 70 with Glitz though... or I'll cut you.

EvilCheeseWedge said...

You got an iPhone?



Zyphre said...

Steven Colbert will smite you.

JAGOeX said...

Jade, I'm sure we will. I have you on speed dial. Not really, but yeah, I'll holla.

Cheese, a friend's iPhone. :)

Ralph, Colbert smites everyone.