Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No RSVP Required

Dearest WoW Gaming Majority,

You are all cordially invited to attend to our esteemed offerings, to be held in SSC, TK, and The Eye, respectively. There is no fee associated with your attendance, and food and drink catering will be provided at minimum cost to you. Casual dress is encouraged. No RSVP required.


The WoW Catering-to-Casuals Development Team

P.S.: If you see a former Rank 14 player at one of our gatherings, try not to remind them of the time when we rewarded items they worked so hard for to casual PvPers at a fraction of the effort... you know, pretty much what we're doing to hardcore raiders now. Thank you.


EvilCheeseWedge said...


gg Blizzard

Jade said...

LF: a new game. Pst.

Netherdream said...

come play Warhammer Jade ive got mine reserved already, 1Q 2008 i cant wait

Anonymous said...

The attunements change is a good move but unfortunately too little to late for a lot of players.

The attunements (ie progress checks) pushed many of the moderate players like myself away from the game. I was a raider pre BC and quit after reaching level 70.

WoW appeals to the masses because of its ease of play and ease of grouping. That is who the developers should cater to. Its original design was not to be a hardcore raid game, the current developers have pretty much bastardized the original vision of the game and now solely rely on addiction to maintain the player base. They throw the occasional bone (removal of attunements, change to pvp rewards pre BC) to the addicted masses just to keep the hook in.

Gorganis said...

IMO, the major problem with the attunements to SSC/TK was that you needed to complete quests in heroic mode. The heroics themselves are not difficult but the game does require that you be revered with X or Y faction to enter them, which is really nothing more than a huge timesink. This problem would have become more apparent as more and more people start to reroll characters. Finding groups for SH/SL/SV was all fine and good when we were leveling our mains soon after launch, but now it is far more difficult. Although I don't like the idea of outright ditching the attunements, Bliz should have at least made them independent of heroic instances.