Monday, June 25, 2007

Fly Back

After the much needed trip I took earlier this month, and with the demise of Prom Kings potentially having an effect as well, I find myself enjoying watching my wife play WoW more than I do playing it myself. Maybe it's the fact that I'm not sitting alone in my office or awake in the bedroom anymore, that I'm in my element helping her along as she levels to 70, seeing her cuteness in her giggles and shrieks like when she got surprised by the Crimson Courier, or a combination of those plus many other elements that just make my current position much more enjoyable.

As good as the recent experiences have been, there is a bit of unease, however. Today, I've been lounging around and prepping for next week (when I start my new position) while watching her level Glitz from midway through Lvl 58 to almost Lvl 60 now. Incredibly impressive, and she seems to be doing better and better with each passing day... as she seemingly becomes more addicted to the game.

Now believe me, there was once a time when I thought that playing alongside my wife would be the most ideal thing that could happen for my WoW gaming hobby. Recently, I'm not so sure that'd be a good thing. See, my wife was always the voice of reason when it came to my bad habits, and I do indeed classify WoW has an incredibly bad habit, as does she. Yet, as she plays this toon now, and seeing her delight with each passing level, the game's classification is beginning to take a backseat to the reinforcements it offers... just as it did with me a year or so ago.

So yeah, I'm watching her fly back to the Swamp of Sorrows to head back to the Portal (after incorrectly telling her she can Hearth to Shat, repair, and then fly back to Thrallmar -- apparently they're not connected flight paths). She'll probably be hitting Lvl 60 sometime today, and I'll probably PvP with Glitz tonight so she can get an Epic Mount other than the Chocobo. Again, more reinforcement.

I must say, though, with Jagoex essentially being her bitch and doing nothing but, it's not as bad as it could be. I mean, we can keep ourselves limited to one account, and we're both not completely ignoring each other while completely involved with our own toons. So maybe I shouldn't worry too much about her increased play time.

It's not like I have much to care about in-game anyway.


Jade said...

i misses you jagoooo.

i said hai to the wifey today tho. im happy shes enjoying the game. lemme know if she needs help on glitz anytime, srsly. im up for helping, and you know how to reach me on aim :)

i wouldnt worry too much. leveling is the fun part, you know as well as i do how easily bored you can get with grinding rep and shit. let her level and get that success... then see how she feels about repeating the same instances over and over. <3

JAGOeX said...

Watch... her first run through Kara will result in a dagger, at which point I will congratulate her, then secretly login and vendor it later that evening.

"That dagger has a 2 hour life cycle, babe. No worries."