Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Main

We all have names. That's a given. Evilcheese, for example, is Evilcheese. Sometimes Cheese (but always evil), but the name is almost always the same, at least in my mind. I'm Jagoex. Blawle is Blawle. Demordrah is Demordrah, and so on and so forth. But what happens when players take on different characters, and other players start calling them by the names of those toons in which their first introductions took place?

I met Xaytanic back when he played his Warlock, Xaytanic. Since then, he has ditched the 'lock and has played two Rogues, Plauge (not a misspelling) and Nahtia. I call him Xay, people who met him while in AoS Guys call him Plauge, and those who have met him just recently call him Nahtia. So, I guess it comes down to when people meet... but that doesn't ring true all the time, nor does it take into account personal preference (one's new main).

Lycanno, for example, I knew as Rainnu the Mage long before he started a Druid. While in Onyx and AoS Guys, I always called him "Rainnu" or "Rain" or something like that. Then we joined Prom Kings and everyone was calling him "Lycanno" or "Lyc" and would always ask me "who the hell is this Rain guy you keep talking about?" Lycanno was rarely on his mage, and it became less and less a part of his identity as time went on. So, I started calling him by his new main's name.

Maybe that kind of thing will be happening more frequently now that we've had so many people re-roll Alliance or new toons Horde-side. I know that Cheese's main isn't Evilcheese anymore. Blawle has long ditched his Rogue for a Pally/Mage combo (thank goodness). Krarr has been playing on his alts for some time now (...), and apparently no longer wants to play the Warrior PK worked hard to gear up, so what do we call him? Demordrah has a billion alts. Still Demordrah? Actually, that one is a yes, because no matter how many toons the guy has, Demordrah will always be his main, and therefore, his main.

So maybe it all comes down to mains. My main is Jagoex, and it'll probably always be that way... even though he's currently Glitz's bitch and is only around to do her bidding. Oh look, a married couple playing WoW mimics their real life behavior... awesome.

But before I digress down that road too much, there's the whole issue of our REAL names. I personally prefer to be called by my toon's name, but I can see how using one's RL name could simplify matters greatly, unless of course, you hate your real name, like Zyphre (Ralph) does.

So anyway, if I'm calling you by some name you'd rather not go by anymore, do let me know and what you'd wish to go by. For me, well, you can always call me Jagoex. That'll never change. ;)


Zyphre said...

Dude wtf. My name isn't ralph. Or was that sarcasm? o.O

JAGOeX said...

Denial a little?

Yes, it was a joke. ;)

Zyphre said...

Hehe thought so. Though I had to ask because we had that discussion where we all gave eachother our real names. And I can only remember demos was C*********r.

EvilCheeseWedge said...

Personally, I like being called evil/cheese/evilcheese regardless of what character I'm playing, although as Jade pointed out I am bound by the ToS to name all my characters ______cheese, so calling me "cheese" is always a sure bet!

JAGOeX said...

Ah, yes. How could I forget. :)

Jay said...

I prefer Yago, for you. But that's just me.

And I've come to accept that I'll always be known as Jade to most of my friends, which is fine. I go by Jay when not talking about Jade though... and that's just that. :)

JAGOeX said...

Jay? As in Jay Leno? How about I just call you "Butch" instead. =P