Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling her a Ninja

Yesterday, my wife fulfilled every WoW-playing man's dream. No, she didn't dress up like a Blood Elf and #$%^ the living *@&$ out of me. She actually played WoW again, a trend that I am so hoping will at least continue regularly. But after a particular instance run she had, I'm not so sure that'll be the case.

I was logged in with Glitz and had already ran BRD and Scholo with two different groups and was about to run LBRS when the wife said "Okay, my turn." No hesitation there. :) She jumped into the instance with two members from Deaths Head Templars and they ran an almost flawless instance. Glitz was healing, and I had to remap a few keys for the wife to make the job easier for her, but she did a stellar job. So stellar, in fact, that they invited her back for a 2nd run later in the day. I was so proud! /tear

Between those two LBRS runs, she was invited to a BRD run, Glitz's 2nd of the day (those invites come left and right when logged into a priest, lemme tell ya). She jumped into the group, a pug group, and started the run. Confident after seeing her LBRS play, I left the room. Maybe 30 minutes later, I hear her scream "Hey, come here quick!"

I show up to her arguing with the Paladin healer in the group over whether or not she could roll for the Second Wind trinket that had just dropped off of Lord Argelmach. The Paladin wanted free reign over the rolls so that he, being healing spec, could walk away with it scotch free, even with two healing classes in the group. He argued that since Glitz was Shadow spec, she would essentially be ninja'ing the trinket if she were to roll on it.

We tried to explain to him that we were both healing classes that were looking to gear up (independently of each other) as such, that having two sets of gear (one for DPS and one for healing) as a Shadow-spec Priest is a almost necessary, that she didn't have any healing trinkets and could definitely use the upgrade, and that therefore, it was Glitz's right to roll on the item and may the best roll win. He wouldn't budge. He wanted it and didn't even want to chance that he'd lose a fair-game roll to someone else. He was being incredibly unreasonable, selfish, and a complete douche, even though my wife had the courtesy of asking him whether or not he'd mind.

She rolled Need anyway, and won. Well deserved imho opinion.

They started calling her a ninja and bashing her in party chat. I told her that if they were going to continue doing so, to just leave the group and find a more reasonable and mature party to instance with. They kept at it, acting like QQ babies, so she left, and that's when the whispers started. "Ninja!" followed by a /ignore, ya know, the usual stuff. I told her not to worry about it and to go ahead and take her 2nd invite to a Deaths Head Templar's run in LBRS. She did, where she healed, and healed very well. I opened up her talent window and SWS add-on and took a screen shot, just to remind her how well she did.

So yeah, it was an interesting moment. I hope she won't shy away from WoW too much because of it, but I think her good experiences with good, mature groups overshadowed the bad. Thanks to Deaths Head Templars, btw. You guys were apparently a class act.

Oh, and Evil, stop hitting on her. Kthx. =P


EvilCheeseWedge said...

Your request has been evaluated, but I regret to inform you at that the present time I will have to decline it.

Thank you :)

JAGOeX said...

Come, sit on my couch for "ahwhile."

Jade said...

Aww, tell her I said good job and that she should steal Glitz to her own account and play alongside you on whoever. She'd love it :)

JAGOeX said...

"You're in an arena match? Who cares?! I need my Devout set!"

Yeah, no thanks. :)

Jade said...

Dude, you want your wife to play but you don't care to play with her?

That's no good.

You're a fail husband. You selfish pig. =p

sixis said...

just get her to 70 and i'll take her on teh honor train!

JAGOeX said...

Jade, if I was to play with her, I would never be able to do anything for myself. Ever. She'd get disappointed, and eventually stop playing. So, I'd be paying for two accounts whereas we're both just fine atm using just one. Yes, I've thought about it. =P

Sixis! Where's my seat man? The 'lock is ready to go. Well, still a little rusty, but still ready!