Monday, June 18, 2007

Good PvP

Last night, I took Jagoex into WSG for some good old-fashioned PvPing. I was a little hesitant at first, being that my last memories of the battleground were ones of frustration, regret, and involved a complete distaste for lazy, sub-par players like Grimhorn, an honor-leech, one of the biggest disgraces to the HWL tag, and just a bad, selfish person all-around. I had sworn off PvP after the Rank 14 grind, but I am guild-less, already leveled Glitz from 51 to 53 earlier in the day, and had nothing better to do. So I figured, why the hell not.

Upon zoning in, I saw a Warlock from Illidan with the Gladiator set and a Nub-guard. "Great..." I thought. Then I saw another 'lock, with a Fel Hunter. "Better." I checked the little room in the southwest corner (the AFK room). No Grimhorn. "Excellent." I summoned the Imp, conjured a Healthstone and Soul Stone, cast it on myself, and was good to go.

I was the first one out and into midfield like a nub, and to my surprise, I didn't see anyone else from the opposing team. I checked the scoreboard - 10 Alliance, 7 stealth classes. "Wth?" I waited for a few others to catch up and then I headed to the Berserker hut. No buff. "Shit." I dismounted immediately and cast an instant Howl of Terror. THREE alliance appear - 1 Rogue (daggers) scatters in terror, 2 Druids (feral) start wailing away on me. Sick dps. "Oh noes." I DoT'd them as best I could and focus-fired the Dr00d that started healing. Unfortunately, focus-firing as an Affliction Warlock takes time, so by the time I dropped the healer and feeling incredibly rusty in the process, the other two had me to about 10% health and sans a Healthstone. At that point, we picked up their flag. "Nice."

I used my SS when the coast was clear and started heading towards their tunnel to help our FC, except that the coast wasn't clear and I got jumped by 2 DIFFERENT Rogues. Now, at half health and half mana, there's not much I could do about that other than warn the team. I DoT'd them to get them to burn their "Cloaks of Skill," and figured I'd just res and help defend our flag room. Then, as I'm standing at the GY waiting to res, our flag gets picked up. "Here we go."

Being as cold PvP-wise as I have been, I wasn't exactly sure what to do upon resurrecting. I knew the Alliance FC was going through the tunnel, so I announced that in BG chat, but then I saw a cluster of teammates on the mini map coming down the eastern edge of the field. "Slow down their FC or help ours?" The question was answered for me when a bunch of dots on the mini-map started disappearing and reappearing at our GY. "ffs..."

When I got to our Druid FC, he was getting hammered by 2 Rogues and a Druid that were already smothered in DoTs. "Their cloaks are on cooldown," I thought to myself. I cast an iHoT that sent the Rogues running, then hit the Druid with an Amplified Curse of Exhaustion (which I didn't ever use until I started raiding with Jade, oddly enough). The Alliance Druid popped out of cat form... /cast Curse of Tongues. He didn't heal himself in-time.

I followed our FC up our tunnel where two more Alliance Rogues were waiting for him. I mean, it was f'n brilliant. The placement of their stealth classes literally stretched our team apart and took us to the brink every single time. This team was good. And I mean REAL good. Thankfully, ours seemed to have it's act together too. Our Druid FC locked one of the Rogues in a whirlwind and we burned down the other quickly. We dropped the 2nd Rogue soon after, with the FC healing me through some pretty hard hits, and then we headed up to the roof to wait to cap. The dots on our mini-map were at the Alliance base. "Be ready."

Two Druids kicked the shit out of me before I could even do anything or get a heal. Again, their stealth class placement was shockingly perfect. "Our flag's about to drop, get ready to pick up again." As I was standing in the GY, I saw our FC running toward it, still getting hammered but healing through it. Then something odd happened. The flag dropped and our FC had a bubble around him. He turned around and tried to grab it but couldn't, and it was returned by a Gnome Rogue that had just come out of stealth. One of our Paladins must have hit him with one of those protective bubbles or something, and it cost us the flag. No one said a word in BG chat.

Then at almost the exact same time that they got their flag back, ours was returned and theirs was picked up again. I mean, it was quite literally "boom, boom, boom," all at once. Some teammates headed to the flag room to defend. I headed toward our FC... it was the Warlock from Illidan.

Now, I've heard that Demonology 'locks are pretty good when it comes to flag running, but to me, it seemed like a lot of work to get him across midfield successfully. We had two healers healing the hell out of him, and I was having to do my best catching Alliance with CC's all over the place. It did work, though, so I guess I can't really complain about it. As we approached our tunnel, our flag was picked up, stopping us in our tracks. We didn't want to run into them but we also wanted to slow them down, so we split up -- two 'locks and a healer taking the flag to the roof and the rest of the group going for our flag with the Alliance FC. A Druid jumped our Priest midway through the tunnel and dropped him VERY quickly, but then being smothered in DoTs and being hammered on by an Imp and Nub-guard, he didn't last very long himself.

We made it to the roof where we stood for only 10 seconds before our flag was returned. We dropped down and were immediately met by a Rogue and a Druid. The Illidan 'lock Deathcoiled one, I Deathcoiled the other. Score: 1-0.

Amidst the excitement in BG chat, we still had to see to the Alliance in our flag room, and that's where the Illidan Warlock's nub-ness really came out to shine. At first, his pet was motionless. Then, he put it on the Rogue I had feared (breaking fear after one hit). Then he proceeded to DoT the Rogue that was on me instead of doing direct damage to it or fearing it off of me. The Rogue was going down, no doubt, but now that both were back on me, he wasn't going down before me. The Illidan 'lock didn't fear once, have his Nub-Guard intercept once, or anything. "Sigh..."

Whatever, we were winning and had already grabbed the flag again. Upon resurrecting, I noticed that most of the Alliance was in midfield. They were getting flustered and deviating from a plan that was actually working very well for them up to that point. Time to have some fun. =)

I mounted up and grabbed the Berserker buff, popped a damage trinket, headed over to the group of Alliance trying to take down our FC... /cast Seed of Corruption over and over again.

I wish I had taken a screen shot of the explosions that took place. They were huge, and wiped out the entire mob that was heading upfield. BG chat went nuts with "OMGs" and "LOLs" and just like that, we scored our 2nd point. Talk about totally boosting our moral while completely crushing theirs. They were falling apart, and after something like that, you can't help but expect them to come back, and they certainly did.

The last few minutes of the game, I spent in midfield going DoT and SoC crazy while our FC carried the Alliance flag on by without a hitch. It felt like one of those "Onyx" moments, when teams would completely disregard the actual battleground objective, essentially giving up the win, and hoping for a few honor kills before game's end. It was a good feeling, and it reminded me what good PvP is all about and how much I actually miss it. Of course, we won, so that definitely helped. ;)

After that experience, I plan on getting some more PvP in with the 'lock in the upcoming weeks. I never thought that'd be the case after spending the Summer of '06 grinding to Rank 14, only to have Blizzard screw all of us who did it by giving everyone else the gear in a fraction of the time. And yes, I am still a little bitter about it, but this is just a game, and it's all about having fun. That Warsong game was definitely fun. Here's to hoping for more experiences like it.


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