Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Run

You know what I was talking about before? About hating playing WoW during the Summer so far? All that stuff about little kids being out of school and being on all day long, ruining the gaming experience for everyone else and what not? Well, here's what happened during the one run I've taken Glitz on today:

1) After two pulls into Hellfire Ramparts, both pulls in which the tank mis-pulled and wiping us twice, the Hunter in the group declared he would take over pulling. At that point, the Tank, without a word, logged on us.

2) We got a guy named "Visastudent" to replace him. That should say enough about his ability to follow directions given in English.

3) Well before the first boss in HR, the Hunter who was now pulling declared he had to leave because his brother was being an ass.

4) Players released after dying during a boss encounter.

5) Other players looted during that same encounter, before resurrections were given.

6) The Lvl 69 Mage we brought in to replace the Hunter was going to roll on
the Pauldrons of Arcane Rage even though HE WAS LVL 69 and already wearing comparable blues that had + 25 dmg and + crit.

7) That same Mage left the group 1 pull away from the last boss due to "family issues."

8) Three of the players kept going afk, resulting in about 25 - 30 mins worth of idle time.

I can't believe how bad it can get, and how bad it does get for PuG groups out there. I may have to rethink this whole guildless thing afterall. =/


Jay said...

It's not the guildless thing, it's the faction-this-server thing. ;)

JAGOeX said...

Oh I've seen retards Alliance-side too. That's why I stopped lvl'ing my Lvl 16 Warlock. XD

Zyphre said...

reply to my comment you bitch. :)

Anonymous said...

It is this bad on my server too. I would assume PUGs universally suck.