Sunday, June 24, 2007

Game Addiction

A recent post at one of my fav tech blogs, Engadget, reads:
If you've been thinking lately that your video game habit is getting a bit excessive, don't worry. According to reports this week, doctors backed away from a proposal that would have designated certain types of video gaming as a mental disorder (similar to alcoholism or gambling addiction) -- so you can rest easy knowing that whatever it is that you're doing to yourself probably isn't that big of a deal. We attempted to speak to two avid gamers concerning the decision, but one was busy fighting Razorgore the Untamed in WoW, and the other claimed that he didn't have a problem and could quit whenever he wanted.

lol... yeah... here's the LINK to the article.


Jade said...

what about blogs... those are addictive too.

like some people totally cant stop writing in them... or reading them... or commenting them.

does that mean they're evil too?


Jade said...
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Zyphre said...

Evil is completely relative.

EvilCheeseWedge said...

I heard it was cheesy.