Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How it All Began (Pt. 1)

Sixis asked for a post like this, and, well, what Sixis wants, Sixis gets (unless Bliz has anything to say about it, unfortunately).

My introduction to WoW happened in January of 2006, after I got a call from a long-time friend of mine whom some of you may know as Bigbrawn. He was a dental student at the time, and apparently, dental school consisted of simply sitting in the back row of a lecture hall and playing video games on laptops provided by the university. Knowing my friend was a fan of games like Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, his classmates let him install a copy of WoW to try out. He bought the game that very same day, and gaming together as much as we did back in the day and through college (18-hour Golden Eye dorm tournaments ftw!), he decided to introduce the game to me as well.

He showed up at my place later that week. We installed the game on one of my laptops (which took about an hour... ugh) and created a guest account using one of his passes. He was explaining all sorts of details, ranging from character creation to lvling, racial abilities, etc. This was all new to me -- I had never played a MMORPG before, and what RPGs I had played in the past were fairly simplistic, ala Final Fantasy VII, etc. So, all the talking he was doing might as well have been in a different language. I just went along with it and figured things out as they happened. I mean, it was just a game, "how complicated could it possibly be?" I thought to myself. Heh...

Time to choose a realm. Bigbrawn was recommended Alexstrasza when he created his toon, and since we naturally wanted to play the game together, that's the server I selected. Hmm, I never really thought about it, but I never really chose to come to Alexstrasza -- it was just by default based on my friend's recommendation, not my own.

Time to choose a race and class. I was immediately drawn to the Undead. I don't really know why... it was probably just because of the way the Undead looked - really badass and not so cartoonish (there's a little bit of metro for ya). And really, because I was so new to this kinda thing, that's all I really had to go on. Not knowing anything about the significance of the racials, I paid no attention to them whatsoever. When it came to choosing a class, it was pretty much more of the same shallow b.s. I wanted to play a magic class, again, because I thought it was cool, not because of how useful it would potentially be during leveling, for PvP, or raiding. The Mage, Priest, and Warlock were my options, and my thoughts were literally "that guy in that one 1980's Warlock movie was a badass." And really, that was it. No insights into Fear, Deathcoil, Seduce... nothing. And just like that, will little fuss, I was an Undead Warlock. Lucky me, right? ;)

The name was a little more thought-out. My favorite fighting game at the time was Killer Instinct. "Jago" was already taken. "Jago X" wasn't an option because of the space in the name. "Jagox" would be pronounced like "Jaa Gox." "Jagoex" had it right though, so I went with it.

If you can't tell already, I approached character creation in a very casual manner. Being that I had never been interested in games like WoW before, I didn't think I would stick with it, and because I was on a 10-day trial account, I didn't really take the process too seriously.

So that's pretty much how it all began. Since I don't want to totally overwhelm you guys, and because it's 3 a.m., I'm gonna cut it off there for now. Next time, I'll get into how I approached Warlocking as a baby 'lock. Trust me, it's quite the laugh.

See ya'll then.


sixis said...

coooo jago...very interesting! I can't wait till you finish bro!

oh..and "jaa gox" ...lolol..i was busting a gut for some reason. lol

Zyphre said...

The hell.

Anonymous said...

i rolled jade when blaw rolled a warlock. as you know, i was a pally in my original WoW days.

she still hasnt seen 60.

i continued to play jade sometime after i realized how much fun it was to kite and fear things.


Anonymous said...

jade...hehe..i feel ya on the pally thing.

i've always tried to get a priest to high lvl's..but it just wouldn't happen. oh, and they're all was either named evanwood or cubby for some reason.


Anonymous said...

i have a 44 blood elf priest that's on hold atm. my pally has been sitting at 50 for some time now.

i love healing, i must say, but im probably tons better at playing a lock. :)


JAGOeX said...

Keep telling yourself that. =P