Thursday, November 1, 2007

Warlock Pet Scaling

Is Blizzard open to the issue of Warlock Pets and their lack of scaling at high levels and improved gear? Well according to a recent thread on the Warlock Forums and a response posted by Bliz Blue Nethaera, it sure looks that way.

The argument is that Demon scaling is not working as intended, and Warlock pets are far too easily disposed of as a result. The approach to the problem, as most Warlocks see it, is that re-working 'lock pets to scale appropriately would be more of a fix than a buff. And with Nethaera's call for more information from the 'locking community, such a fix seems to have the potential of getting off the ground.

I'll be the first to admit that some pets need scaling fixes more than others, but that doesn't mean the issue doesn't deserve to be looked at closely, nor that Bliz could apply a fair fix specific to each individual pet. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on, and be sure to put in your two cents in the original thread as well.

Democracy in action people. I feel so patriotic. =)

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