Friday, November 16, 2007

Battleground "Preparation" Bugged for Warlocks

Shortly after logging in for the first time today, I jumped into Arathi Basin for some honor grinding, and like a nub, I hadn't filled up on Soul Shards after my previous Shadowburning session. I had only 1 to work with, so there I stood, at the gate in AB thinking "Man, should I even summon a Soul Well for everyone?" But wait! I spotted the new Preparation buff that allows for "free" casting of spells before the start of the BG. /cast Soul Well. Everyone cheered, grabbed a Healthstone, and disappeared... just like my one and only Soul Shard.

Turns out that the Preparation time isn't "free" afterall, at least not for Warlocks. We are still being charged Soul Shards, which is odd since that is not the case during Arena game prep time. So, either Bliz is being really inconsistent or this is a little bug Bliz will hotfix shortly. My guess is the latter. But until Bliz actually does so, watch that Shard count of yours, unlike what I did today. =)


Valenna said...

T_T Intentional. Spells still require regeants. Blue post on it.

JAGOeX said...

Wow. Thanks much for the info.

And can I say that the whole thing is just, messed? That Blue suggests that pre-2.3 Arena buffs charged a Soul Shard when summoning a Soul Well, when I'm 100% sure it did not. A Warlock brings that up just a few posts later and it is indeed true. And I can remember it going from charging a shard early on and being "fixed" so that it would be free. I'm so confused!

But I guess when it comes down to it, charging reagents in BGs isn't a huge deal -- they are easily replaced during one game. But if those same reagents are charged in Arena play, that'd mean a Warlock would have to restock every 10 games or so, which is a huge liability.

Yeah, wow. And thanks again. =)

Horns said...

Actually, one could easily spend 20 or more shards in a 10 minute arena game, with Shadowburn spec.