Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PvP: What Gear Do You Wear in AV?

PvP gear is for PvP, and PvE gear is for PvE, or at least that's how the saying goes. But is that always the case? Well, that's been a question on the table for quite some time. Warlocks are quick to point out that, Pre-TBC, PvP gear was incredibly viable raid gear, with it's high stamina and + spell damage. However, with the introduction of Spell Hit, things got a little more complicated, and a lot more specialized. And while the PvP-PvE gear dilemma has been squelched quite a bit by this and the advent of Resilience, it's still very much an issue. Well, at least in Alterac Valley it is.

Last week was AV weekend, and like so many do for the huge amounts of honor it rewards, I spent a great deal of time rushing to the Stonehearth Graveyard, DPS'ing Belinda, and running around outside Vanndar Stormpike's trying to stay away from the Marshals not being tanked properly. And in all of the nonsense that is the battleground, I noticed that in my PvP-gear (which includes Merciless Gladiator and Veteran goodness), the NPCs resisted my spell casts often, and my damage-done noticeably suffered. But when switching to my Hit-heavy PvE gear, the resists were minimal, and my damage-done increased as a result. An easy observation of which significance is easy to understand. Spell Hit owns NPCs, AV is full of them, and killing them equates to honor. The more efficient, the faster the honor-gain, the better. Score one for PvE gear.

But what about the 40 members of the opposite faction running around the BG? Where do they and the honor you gain from them come into play? Well, it goes without saying that the more you take down, the more honor you gain (on diminishing returns, of course). And with Resilience, PvP gear is more specialized for just that task. Score one for PvP gear.

So with the score tied, we're faced with a question of priority. Is killing the NPCs of AV asap (the PvE portion) more important than farming other players (the PvP portion), or is it the other way around? Which nets more honor? What gear should we be wearing?!

While working towards Rank 14 over a year ago, a few of us on the grind thought long and hard about just these types of questions. In a system that measured only the amount of honor gained in a set amount of time, we looked for the fastest, most efficient approach to the BGs and honor farming. Our conclusion? Shooting through AV as fast as possible while killing as many ranked NPCs as possible netted the greatest amount of honor, even on double-honor weekends for the other battlegrounds! It was pretty significant information back then, and in the current context, it's just as applicable now.

For great honor, remove all ranked NPCs. When in AV, take out as many as possible, and to speed up the process, put on your Spell Hit PvE gear. It's not only + Hit for the win, it's + Hit for the Honor as well!

There is your answer, my friends. PvE gear -- It's what to wear when you're in AV. =)


Jesyka said...

Yago, for me... since I'm demo - I have 13k hp in 'raid gear with stam' ...I wear pve gear. Lol...

I usually run a felhunter in bg's and soul link with him. Which takes away a little hp, seeing as I don't have muh impy.

It's good times... I don't even own any arena gear atm,lol.

I will say tho - in bg's, if faced against someone in full resilience gear - my pve gear does NOT stand up to the test... unless they're a fail player. I just can't cut through massive hp that can't be crit,lol... unless I have a certain healbotting pally on my ass :D

JAGOeX said...

I hear that, but very rarely when honor-grinding in AV do I stop to actually engage another player. There's way more honor in just killing the ranked NPCs and moving on... /afk'ing even, if the game doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon.

In the other BGs, however, it's all about head-to-head combat, so the PvP gear is delicious -- especially since you can hit 13k Stam WITH Resilience. Sexeh!

Anonymous said...


It's only the few people that attempt to hold off the people farming NPC's in AV that I have to deal with, btw.


Ferarro said...

Farming HKs in any battleground is a waste of time. Killing people on the way to the flags or generals is fine and is worth it, but the faction should never forgo the entire objective. You can lose 2 AVs in 30 minutes and still get more honor than if you were to pick off people at Stormpike in that same span of time.

The faster the BG goes, the faster you get the bonus honor, and the faster you can hop into another one.

(p.s. And yeah, AV is PvE. =D)