Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Well-Hidden Nerf?

I'm tired as hell and work early tomorrow morn, so I'll keep this short. =)

Season 3 is upon us, and faster than you can say "wtf @ Personal Ratings," all of Azeroth is enjoying their new, easy-mode epics. But while everyone, including Warlocks, welcome Gladiator gear with open arms, I can't help but frown upon the indirect impact handing out 300+ Resilience will have on DoT-dependent classes such as ours.

The math isn't difficult to understand: greater numbers with greater Resilience equates to a lesser impact DoTS will have in PvP and especially low-end Arena play. In AB earlier tonight, I had already noticed a significant difference. I can't imagine what it'll be like in the Arena.

Did Bliz plan things this way? Was this change and the change before it planned together and intentional? Perhaps. Too much to overcome? Absolutely not. But significant and noteworthy none-the-less.



Anonymous said...

I think it is about a 8-9% drop in our dot damage that happens just like that. If warlocks had any reason to cry foul, this would be it.

Jesyka said...


srsly though, it a bit much of a reduction. they'll work it out, me hopes.

im more concerned with the whole fucked up lack of titles given out, S1 Glad mounts being given to S2 Glads... umm... and just the general lack of getting shit right!

good times!

Anonymous said...

pvp sucks now. I hate this game.

Anonymous said...

And what the fuck is this Ignore Armor bullshit??? Our dots don't do good damage on bad players and our cloth gets ripped to pieces? That's what I call balance!!!!

Anonymous said...

None of the resilience being given away matters while arena points are still smurfed. Thats pvps biggest problem in my opinion, at least for arena.