Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Azure Whelpling

Earlier today, I picked up this little guy off one of the elite dragonkin in Azshara. I was helping a buddy grind one for one of his friends and he let me take the first one. The drop rate doesn't seem too bad. Mobinfo2 puts it at about a 2% drop off of Draconic Mageweavers. I killed the other types as well; over a hundred in all in about an hour or so. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I'll be heading back there later tonight to help grind another. I'll update the drop rates accordingly.

Happy 2.3!


Anonymous said...

yes yes...much appreciated bro.
good man!

damn...we farmed a whole lot of them. i really felt like a leather leach! lol

but yo...thanks so much for helping me farm them. much appreciated bro...mahalo much.


Anonymous said...

ive killed at least 1500 dragonkin, no azure whelpling