Saturday, November 3, 2007

PTR: Mad Alchemist's Potion Effects

After a tip from Jesyka, I found myself looking at a pic posted over at World of Raids, which highlights some of the Mad Alchemist's Potion's side-effects. From what the info detailed, the 1-hr elixir buffs occur at a 95% proc rate (wth?) and are class-dependent, and since the OP was a Rogue, all of his buffs were melee-based elixirs, as in the image below.

What's most interesting to me is the 95% proc rate, a number that seems very high, and which seems to contradict information available on other websites and my own testing, where I consumed 20 Mad Alchemists Potions on my Warlock and have yet to receive a single buff. The following image is from MMO-Champion, and also depicts a higher proc-rate than from what I experienced only a few days ago.

Perhaps it was tweaked in the recent PTR update, or maybe I just have terrible luck. Who knows. But in any case, there are definitely some questions that still remain, and so it's back to more testing for me. Hopefully I'll have a list of caster buffs for you to drool over very soon. =)


Zyphre said...

"Random does not mean fair, and past results do not influence future occurrences." - Corbenn

JAGOeX said...

"Random" has been fixed. Check latest update. ;)