Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Loliday Login Issues

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you got your fill of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and everything else that makes the anniversary of a European invasion of the Americas worth celebrating. Personally, I'm totally and completely stuffed and am enjoying an incoming stomach ache worth of post-Thanksgiving proportions. I'm sure the 4 rounds of Pumpkin Martinis didn't help either, but I digress.

Sitting here, unable to move for fear of busting a seam, I tried to login to WoW for some PvP but to no avail. On each login attempt, I receive a "Unable to Connect" message, which is usually indicative of a dropped internet connection, but I've been able to browse the net just fine. I double-checked my firewall and port settings and everything is as should be. Odd, right?

Turns out the issue is probably not on my end to begin with, and after visiting the WoW Support Forums and seeing MANY threads on poor connectivity, I'm pretty sure Bliz is with dealing with a few post-Thanksgiving Meal hiccups of their own. Too many Pumpkin Martinis me thinks -- never a good thing!

No Blue response on the matter just yet, but hopefully they'll get things up and running again for those affected soon enough.

UPDATE: Authentication system has been fixed!


Jesyka said...

Yeah, I went out with the boy last night to see Hitman and came home to that error as well. I wasn't shocked by it, but simply tracked down another WoW mate of mine just to be sure it wasn't on my end! Lol.

The forums wouldn't work for us last night, either. Was a pretty good indication that we weren't alone in the matter. Cheers to sleeping early, I guess. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my turkeys are ugly. Who figured they would taste delicious?