Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is It Real? Warlock Solos Hydross the Unstable

I had heard rumors about this going down but assumed it was done on a private server or something. A guildie that showed me this video, however, swears up and down it's for real. Take a look, and decide for yourself.

If this is legit, us 'locks better get in on that action before it's patched up. ;)

Btw, the song is Waterflame by Thunderzone. Follow this link to Newgrounds to take a listen and download. =)


Jesyka said...
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Jesyka said...

Scratch my original commment :p

After thinking it over - obviously you'd need the trash cleared and Lurker dead (because of the water...), so the hard part would be getting an instance with Hydross skipped. Her gear is red by the end of the fight so it's obviously a looooong fight, haha.

But it's no different than DM: North was back in the day ;)

Totally real, totally doable until they leash Hydross.

So, let's duo it? :p

Anonymous said...

What's the name to the song, it's pretty catchy.

JAGOeX said...

Thunderflame's "Waterflame." You can find it at Newsgrounds. I'll link it in the original post. =)

HOOK_IT_UP99 said...

I wont lie it looks legit, BUT I have one major question.... WHERE ARE THE ADDS?!

Anonymous said...

Tied to Lurker?