Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rewarding Dedication

Gladiator. High Warlord. Grand Marshal. These are titles that are or were once bestowed upon those who exhibit the greatest amount of dedication to the craft that is WoW. Very few have achieved these statuses, and these titles are exceptionally rare as a result, which begs the question:


Get to it Bliz. Kthx. =)

Btw, lol at how it's tail owns my pet's portrait.


Demordrah said...

OMG copyright infringement! Thanks for stealing my thunder, Jago >.<

JAGOeX said...

lol! Didn't I bring up the idea? Hehe, well in any case, I remember how everyone agreed with us on the matter, Rank 14 or not. It's so deserved imho.

Zyphre said...

Demo reads this?

And yeah jago, GG for ninja-ing demos idea D:

You would think after all the circle jerks on vent in AV with ginzu you'd have a little more respect.

Next thing you know jagos gonna start having blog titles like:

"Keep talking, I'm getting the lotion"

"Mm-mm Space-Docking"


Anonymous said...


Demordrah said...

Actually, Z, we've evolved ever so slightly.

We now specifically say that we're getting the Jergens™

Gorganis said...

IMO, there has yet to be a time in WoW PvP history that has been relatively exploit-free. The old rank system was dominated by AV AFKs, people sharing accounts, etc--and now in the era of Arenas almost every battlegroup win-trading teams are vaulting to the top of the ranks. When Blizzard finally cleans up PvP and makes it relatively exploit free, then I'd be in favour of more recognition for the people who achieve the highest titles.

JAGOeX said...

That's a good point, Gorg. But how do you keep from rewarding the exploiters without passively punishing those that did it for real?

I hated having to compete with the AV AFKers while working towards Rank 14. It became less a matter of out-playing others with skill than it did out-logging them with time, and it was b.s. to say the least.

Through three and a half weeks at Rank 13, I did it all on my own. Near the end, I needed to set an egg timer on my nightstand for 2 mins and 45 seconds in case I fell asleep and was logged due to inactivity. I couldn't afford having that 15-min debuff, and so I remained awake, ignoring healthful sleep for as long as I could or until my competitors logged out themselves (which often was the case).

Having to out-honor toons being played by 2-4 people was a horrible existence. But like so few before me and even fewer later, it was done legitimately. To keep from giving us thoughtful acknowledgment because others took advantage of the system is placing the effective blame on people who should be rewarded, not punished.

Zyphre said...

Jergens? Never heard of it. Curel is the only brand I know. Course I used like 2 bottles on my back for my big tattoo...

Anonymous said...


-snz vent is down. darcla bought us a new one. holla at me in-game.


Anonymous said...

you're a dork, jago.


Anonymous said...