Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2.3.2 Warlock Change... /sigh

Patch 2.3.2 is just around the corner, and with it comes some serious buffage! Shamans are getting buffed. Mages are getting hugely buffed. Hunters are getting buffed... again. And Warlocks? Well...

* The health cost taken from the Warlock after using Health Funnel will now remain consistent between uses.

Yup. That's it! While other classes are getting some major adjustments implemented, the Warlock has seen their Soul Well cast time "buffed" and a minor change to Health Funnel incoming. Serious business!

In my opinion, we can look at this from one of either two ways. First, Bliz considers the Warlock class very balanced and perfected in the current context of the game, and therefore, needing very little adjustment whatsoever. Or second, that Bliz views Warlocks as an overpowered, unbalanced class, and they are just trying to bring every other class up to speed. Both viewpoints would explain the little activity Warlocks have seen in recent Patch Notes well.

Is that a trend that will continue? I hope not, but I'm definitely not holding my breath until our class sees it's next buff.


Jesyka said...

Jago, why buff us?

They haven't buffed 'every' other class. They haven't done any class reviews in a long while.. so what are you so worried about? Lol.

Buff paladins imo. They 'fixed' the ret tree... but did they buff them? Nah. They got nerfed awhile ago because of their mana return when they got healed.. and haven't really been touched since.

As for warriors... they had a talent that was basically the reason many spec into one tree, moved into an entirely different tree - but they didn't even recieve a respec or refund in talents. I imagine with Ice Block being removed from any tree.. the reason mages spec frost, they won't get a talent refund either.

Meh, warlocks need work - but why qq about it? It's how the game works and always has... it's nothing personal against our class, Blizz just hasn't gotten around to us yet.

I think they should review each class again like they did before BC. Work on one or two classes per patch, completely redo the trees/wording... and fix whatever needs fixed - refund talent points, grant a free spec... and be done for awhile. Instead, Blizz is taking little bits from every class and tweaking it patch by patch.

They'll 'fix' warlocks in time... stop crying. :p We aren't the only class that needs some love.

JAGOeX said...

Oh no no, no crying here. I just laugh at the fact that with so many major changes going down, Warlocks are pretty much left alone. It's flattering, somewhat, and makes our section in Patch Notes very LOL-worthy. =)

Jesyka said...

ahh, you always come across as crying to me. Maybe that's because you do it so much :p


Happy Thanksgiving, btw. To you, the wifey, and that little one on its way. :D

JAGOeX said...

lol, you're such an Alpha female. Happy Thanksgiving to you, the B, and the fam. =)

So, how do you guys go about getting a Turkey, being on the farm and all?

Ferarro said...

Seriously? C'mon. The post previous to this one was a Warlock soloing Hydross.

I don't think a "where's OUR buffs?!" post right after is going to garner any sympathy. =*)

JAGOeX said...

lol, okay, but if a Warlock can solo Hydross, but can't beat a decently geared Warrior most of the time (talking about the general population of 'locks), don't you think there's a problem? ;)

Ferarro said...

You're seriously complaining about one class?

Warlocks are fine. They're still a bit OP in duels, but in other aspects, they're slowly coming back down to earth. You're still at the top of the heap in terms of PvP, just no longer Gods.

Enjoy your new glasses, Clark Kent. =)

JAGOeX said...

It was more a statement of class imbalance than a complaint. As in, "It's ridiculous that a Warlock can solo a raid boss but can have trouble with a Warrior" rather than a "QQ nerf our haters!" message.

And I have no problem with the glasses, Ms. Ferr, as long as I can keep the tights. ;)

Jesyka said...

Any class that can dot could Solo Hydross - so long as they could maintain the mana and kiting pattern. That's all it takes for that. Only reason a warlock could do so well is the obvious, Lifetapping/darkpacting. I'm sure a hunter, even a priest... could solo Hydross given the kiting method. It's the same exact shit I used to pull in DM: North.

Ferarro said...

Mmmmmm, tights...