Sunday, November 4, 2007

WotLK: The Clown Suit Returneth

I always found the Plagueheart Raiment to be one of the most interesting looking armor sets in the World of Warcraft. I would often joke upon seeing a T3-raiding 'lock that the circus must be in town, because even while others were seeing the Sand People from the Star Wars series, I was seeing Bozo the Clown. The Voidheart and Corruptor sets did well in making right the look of the raiding Warlock, but in an unfortunate twist of fate, it looks like we'll be getting a reminder of just how bad we once looked when Naxx is refreshed in the Wrath of the Lich King.

Blizzard Blue Bornakk has stated that Bliz intends to use the same Naxx armor models for the new version of the instance. So whether we Warlocks like it or not, our clown suit will be playing a major role in our raiding habits come Level 80. I can't say I'm thrilled about the decision, especially given the fact that I believe our T6 Raiment was a step in the wrong direction, but it is what it is. And I'm sure the updates stats will make-up for the gear's visual shortcomings.

I guess I just need to be a bit less metro about it, is all. =)


Jesyka said...


Soooo glad I never had that shit...
and totally glad I don't really raid anymore :D

ill take my pink princess attire from aq, thnx.

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