Thursday, November 8, 2007

WoW Figure Packaging; Unboxing Not Required

So I got my hands on one of these highly-sought-after WoW Figurines that DC Comics recently released. I wasn't really sure what to expect from them, being that they are "toys" and all, but to my surprise, and relief, they are really quite impressive! The figures themselves look great, and are fairly accurate representations of in-game characters. They are also decently large in size, with the "Meryl Felstorm" Warlock figure I purchased standing nearly 8 inches tall - a nice change compared with most "action figures" you see today, not that I'd know. The figurines carry quite a presence indeed, even while still packaged in their clear, plastic packaging. Here are a few images of the Warlock in it's original packaging, just to get you drooling a little.

I personally would have preferred a package more like the The Burning Crusade: Collector's Edition box, but the nerds guys at the comic shop tell me that the clear plastic allows you to enjoy the figure without actually removing it from it's box, which could diminish it's potential worth in the future. Sure. Okay.

In terms of the figure's actual looks, you probably noticed that while it does look pretty sick, it's not an exact replica of what is seen in game. Last time I checked, the Corruptor's raiment wasn't purple, for example, and the chain-link was on the helm, not the shoulders. But even with slight inconsistencies such as these, it is still a very nice piece to look at imho, and pulls off the game-to-figurine translation very well. GG DC.

If you want to grab one of your own, check this website for local resellers. Move quickly though -- they're selling out fast.

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