Monday, October 22, 2007

A Message from Kalgan (Kinda, but Not Really)

Hello. My name is Tom. Tom Chilton. You know me as Kalgan, a Blizzard "Blue," and lead game designer for the World of Warcraft. Recently, there has been confusion voiced on the WoW forums about a statement I made regarding the Warrior class and PvP play. I would like to expand on that, clarify my stance (Defensive stance for the lose), and put the juvenile crying from other classes to rest, once and for all. But first, a little bit of background.

I was born in the 1980's and grew up with a mullet on the outskirts of Oklahoma. When I was two, my father left home for a pack of cigarettes and a Jack Daniel's, and never came back. My mother worked two jobs, one of them at night, and regularly came home with a boyfriend or two and smelling of alcohol and old men's cologne. She'd often whip me, blaming me for my father's absence and her prostitution, but I knew better. I always have.

I have a brother, who was my mother's favorite and was always showered with affection and love. Given my family situation, we are not on speaking terms, and I am okay with that. I have never had time for girlfriends, nor have I had the money, and I'd probably treat them poorly anyway, so I have no regrets. On the friend front, I have only a few that probably hang out with me because I work for Blizzard. Whatever. I have more important things to worry about, like my Arena rating.

Time, as with my history, has not been kind to me. I am short, going bald, and look like one of those hobbit characters out of the Lord of the Rings. But I have always taken such things in stride, for I am a member of a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church that has helped me put such things into perspective, and for which I owe my big break into the business that is MMORPG gaming.

I first met Father Jacobs when I was 7 years old. He was an older gentleman of medium build and height, and sported a prickly, short beard that was made of stubble for as long as I can remember. He recognized my plight one afternoon while I was walking home from grade school and invited me into his van for some candy, a warm cup of cocoa, and a game of leapfrog. We ended the evening at his church, engaged in good conversation, and I with a father figure that has been behind me ever since.

After a night of role-playing, and a long discussion of my innate talent for it, Father Jacobs mentioned that one of the parishioners was infact Jewish and worked in the entertainment industry - specifically, for Blizzard Entertainment. After pulling a few strings and cashing in on a few favors, I found myself mopping the floors at the company's headquarters in Irvine, California. And after performing a few duties for the company's Chief Financial Officer, I was given the Lead Developer gig for Age of Shadows, an add-on for the Ultima Online video game. World of Warcraft shortly followed, and here I am today - your The Burning Crusade Lead Dev.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

The original context and conversation took place on the 27th of September, amidst a discussion in the Warriors forum concerning many of the changes the class will be seeing in the upcoming patch. In the thread, I responded to a comment made by another poster, in which he said the following:

Arms warriors are quite strong actually, I don't think there's any class beside another warrior that can stand toe to toe with a geared MS warrior. That's how it should be, but right now, we're walking a thin line between overpowered and strong but balanced class. I'd rather see such a change in the weapon immunity mechanic than see a blatant nerf to Mortal strike.

So hey, now opponents with quick reaction time can stop me from using MS, I like it, since I'll be able to do it too to save my clothies (intercept ===> disarm, the target cannot block, dodge or parry the disarm, since he's stunned) I used to do this all the time to save my healers in BGs before BC, looking forward to have that tool once again.


Oh, just one second. Food's ready.

Okay. Back. So where was I? Oh yes, yes. My response to these statements was short and deliberate, in which I stated:

That pretty much sums it up imo.

The 41 point talent concern definitely has some validity, although not not really related. I shudder to think of what we'd have to do to Endless Rage to get people to switch away from Death Wish and Improved Intercept to get it. We also have to consider what the implications are in the future when arms warriors have another 10 points to spend.

To add another comment... the drama here about a change like this turning all warriors into tanks or DKs is honestly pretty ridiculous. I'm quite sure the pvp warrior I have will still be rockin' a s3 weapon within the first week despite this change.

These statements ignited a furor of backlash, accusing me of a conflict of interest with every buff the Warrior class has seen. And about their dominance in Arena play? Wow, you should see the hateful threads that ensued... if I hadn't had my minions delete them all, that is.

Ha, I sound like a Warlock. How ironic.

Umm, I mean, the changes we've made regarding the strength of the Warrior class at the PvP level has nothing to do with Warlocks, or their ability to Exhaust-kite us, or Soul Link-Drain Life us to complete and utter death and the fact that my arena rating took a hit because of them. No sirs. The changes were all meant for the sake of balance.


Warriors, from a mechanistic standpoint, should be able to beat anyone in "toe-to-toe" combat, period. Yes. It makes perfect sense, it's what the class is built for, and no clothie should be able to stand next to a well-geared Warrior and come out victorious. It was the original intent, and we are now just trying to implement that mechanism more effectively.

Forget the fact that the class can force close combat via Intercept, Hamstring, and other abilities, and that there is very little others can do about it. Forget the fact that we at Blizzard acknowledge and agree that they walk a line that borders overpowered. Forget the fact that I play one, and look forward to rocking my S3 Weapons within the first week of the new Season. Forget the fact that I am embittered by my past, and that now is my time to shine. Did I mention that my asshole brother plays a Warlock? No? Whatever. Forget all of that. It's all insignificant. All that matters is balance.

Balance. Balance. Balance. It is what it is.

It is what I want it to be.

I am Kalgan.


Zyphre said...

Jago I don't think I got the point. I read this 3 times.

Anonymous said...

lol AWESOME post. The morning after Kalgan made his comment I remember hearing the guild cloth going crazy over what he said. Druids and shamans werent happy either. Hell everyone was pissed cause the dev team is now saying that balance is warriors owning all. wtf

@ zyphre. the point is that there is no point to anything kalgan does. He's a selfish sob

~ B of A

Zyphre said...

I guess I did get the point. Just some denial that struck me I suppose. Wow.

JAGOeX said...

It's your typical all-American story. Dad leaves home. Mom goes to extremes to support her family, and experience the 3 R's - regret, remorse, and rage. Son rises above it and makes well for himself, but never truly forgets.

Someone had to explain why Kargan acts the way he does. I just applied the typical story to himself is all.

And yes, as Whitey stated, he's a selfish sob that uses "for the sake of balance" as a cop-out excuse to legitimize his out-right selfishness.

I mean ffs, when Blizzard's own employees (including the original dev team) quit, and cite the fact that the game is becoming more and more unbalanced and the dev team too political, something is definitely a little more than messed up.

Shrug said...

No one cares about your life mister Chilton, we are talking about your job wich you are doign very poorly.

I don't care much about someone who calls himself tallented. If you want to see what talent is, go take a look at ArenaNet's work.

Jagoex said...

Ah, I see you found a less-than-sober post of mine from a ways back.

I think I wrote this after Warlocks had received a fairly substantial nerf and was a bit on the tipsy side of things.

You've heard of creative geometry? Well, this is creative QQ'ing. =)

Soulbond said...

Guys, do yourself a favor, cancel your wow subscription and go play another game. WoW will never be good because it is in the hands of an incompetent idiot who admit having problems that interfer with his job. Blizzard should have fired him after this post. I went back to Guild Wars (yes, as someone said earlier, ArenaNet is doing much better work then Blizzard)and i can't wait for Guild Wars 2.

B of A said...

ROFLMAO You guys can't be SERIOUS? Jagoex wrote this not Kalgan! LOL.

And I thought Kalgan was a whack. HAHA

Jagoex said...

Geezus, not again.

Editing the post accordingly. Heheh.

Anonymous said...

WTF? A blue said this?

:) JKJK I read the comments!!