Monday, October 1, 2007

Cheating in Video Games

Browsing the net earlier this evening, I came across a fantastic article over at It talks about cheating/hacking in Video Games, and details why doing so in a networked gaming environment is different and can be worse than doing so in a single-player environment.

Things to take away from the article? Cheating is wrong when playing with others. Cheating is right when playing with yourself. But then again, how can you be cheating if you're playing with yourself?

/philosophical. It's what I do.



Anonymous said...

cheaters are straight up f@gs <--cheese, you gonna have to give me a new word. :) but i'll use the @ so it's not so noticeable.

but flip the coin and i really don't mind it. it's not my game i'm rocking, if someone has to cheat to win they're not men. real men don't kick someone in the balls, they CAN chop the throat. (Z..i know you feel me on this)

real men will take their beating like...well, real men. F@gs will run. F@gs will step outside the boundries instead of finding a another way within it.

but in truth, i don't mind it..not one bit...peeps can exploit all they want, they can hack all they want, whateva...

doing that kind of shit has serious repercussions. when you talk...your voice says f@g...
when you tell someone you will come through for them...your actions speak f@g.

lastly, when you need someone at your most vunerable time...all you will get back is..."are you fuckin kidding me....f@g"

and no one likes a f@g. and for all you political correct fuckers...i'm not talking about the penis in butt kind of f@g either. okay?

people cheat because they can.
i pee on any girl in the shower when she is washing her face...because i can.
but the big difference is that my shit feels good to the other. the other does not.

six tha' seven tha hustle

Anonymous said... kidding about the pee in the shower thing. it just a joke between me and jago.

JAGOeX said...