Sunday, October 28, 2007

PTR: Tailoring: Winter Clothes

What do you want for Christmas this Holiday season? A new computer? Gift certificates? An iPhone? Well forget about all of that. You're getting a server full of scantily-clad Blood Elves, and you'll like it!

I swear these outfits look like something straight out of the Victoria's Secret holiday catalog or something. And my guess is that the patterns for these pieces will be made available via holiday gift packages. So don't worry. They won't be too hard to come by.


Anonymous said...

hey man...hop on vent..
i need to talk to you and Z..

im pretty much quitting.

giving my account away. nikki don't want it soooo.... hop on vent bro.

Anonymous said...

greatfather winter sent my gnome the pattern on the ptr... snaps.