Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Huzzah! Brewfest and Hallow's End are upon us! Time to celebrate the consumption of alcohol and witchery... and I'm sure parents all over the world are just THRILLED that their young ones are being exposed to such wholesome fun via a video game. Good times!!!

Also in the Patch are some new GYs and a Headless Horseman world event, which sounds interesting, but more important than what the Patch notes offered to us is what they didn't. WHERE ARE THE HOTFIXES???

With all of the afflictions that have plagued the last patch, I don't think powdering up the game's festivities will be enough to distract us from the frustrations we've been facing. Indeed, the first thing I looked for when reading the new patch notes were references and fixes to common 2.2 issues, but the trend of being disappointed this past week continued when I saw that nothing was there.

Perhaps Bliz ninja-hotfixed the problems and we won't know it until we login. Afterall, Bliz is known to do that kinda thing; to make changes that aren't at all mentioned in their Patch Notes (the original TBC DoT Coefficient nerf anyone?). But one would think that with these issues of such grand exposure, Bliz would want to set our minds at ease or would at least want to take care of the problems they themselves introduced asap. So, hopefully that's the case. Anything else would be, well, a headless call.

So cross your fingers. Here's to hoping for some Halloween fun without the disconnects, and maybe even a bit of properly working sound.



Ramdorpser said...

I am gonna love Brewfest... The grind for the Ram mount begins...I will once again..be Ram riding Ram..


One thing I am not looking foward to is 2.3

They are srsly nerfing my poor warrior =(

disarm immunities are gone?!
-wtf blizz.

Jago, Join -WePvP- tonight do it!!

EvilCheeseWedge said...


/forgets every problem with WoW
//score 1 for Blizzard


JAGOeX said...

How do Ram and Cheese find a ram in tall grass?

Very pleasing...