Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Brokenness

This morning, many of us logged in to find that a good majority of the Brewfest quests are not working as intended, with a few quests breaking midway through and others not being available at all. Also, the Dwarves event, which accompanies the festival and is a major source of ticketage is broken as well, making it very difficult for those who are after the Ram mount to get the required items to purchase one.

How unfortunate, especially after the recent and still present problems that plagued Patch 2.2.

Here's a few of the known issues with the festival, as of this morning:

- Dwarfs are not attacking the Brewfest grounds.
- The "Barking" quest requirements are not completing upon their fulfillment.
- The "Pink Elephant" quest is unavailable for many players.
- "There and Back" quest is not reseting as it should.

And LOL at the World of Warcraft main site being down as of this post. Pretty symbolic of how things have been lately, as sad as that may be.

With a limited time frame to work with, hopefully Bliz will get on these issues asap. Our rams depend on it!

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