Monday, October 29, 2007

PTR: Faster Zeppelin Flights

More tweaks are incoming to the Zeppelin mechanism in Patch 2.3. To go along with the recently added announcements of arrivals and departures, Bliz has noticeably and significantly reduced the amount of commute time between Zep towers -- a commute that was often called redundant at best. The loading times are the same, but the point at which the game begins to load zones has been altered, as has the spawn point of the arriving Zeppelin. In other words, after your Zep leaves the tower, you'll see the loading screen much sooner than before, and when the transition is complete, your Zep will spawn much closer to the destination tower, making for a much shorter approach.


Jesyka said...

So.... boats are getting the same nifty little tweak as well, correct?

Cuz like... going to Tanaris for Hyjal... I get sick of staring at the ocean for 10 minutes before the boat docks post loading screen 'n stuff. :p

Keep it even, imo. And... where the fuck are my boat announcements allyside? >.>


JAGOeX said...


I'd imagine the boat rides will be changed similarly. They'd better be, anyway. I get seasick.